25 Original Canvas Print

25 Original Canvas Print
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canvas print, also known as a stretched canvas or canvas art, is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are often used in interior design, with ‘stock’ images, or customised with personal photographs.

Canvas prints are commonly used in home decor, but now in these days canvas print are also used in web designing and print advertisement.

Canvas prints are often used as a cheaper alternative to framed artwork as there is no glazing required and the pine frame is not usually visible, so do not need to be varnished, or treated.  (Wikipedia)

In this post you will found huge collection of original canvas print from the categories of art, travel, Amsterdam, street night, rain city, first date, sunny winter, lights of downtown, golden autumn and more beautiful prints. Enjoy

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List of  25 Original Canvas Print created by some hard-working and dedicated artist.

Moon Light

Yacht In S


Rain City

First Date

Night Bouquet

Amsterdam’s Harbor

Sunny Winter

Wedding Day

Love Irradiation

Large Square

The Fog

Twinkling of the night

Lights of Downtown

Original Art Oil Paint



BB King Long Night

Golden Autumn

Night Rain

Amsterdam Fog

Caste Above Harbor

Fall Forest

Flowers Arrangements

Calm Sunset

Source: Each original oil painting by Leonid Afremov is truly a one-of-a-kind unique piece of art. With his artwork in private and public collections throughout the world, the purchase of an Afremov original is a great investment as his artwork continues to appreciate.


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Eric Dec 14, 2011

These are fantastic. I work at Canvas Press (http://www.canvaspress.com) and we get to see all kinds of fantastic art come through. This is some amazing work. Let me know if we can ever help out in any way. Thanks for this post.

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