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Cell Phones and Responsive Web Design

Cell phones or mobile phones are part of our lives now. The market for cell phones is growing every day and today cell phones have reached to the most remote areas of the planet. There are different types of mobile phones that are available and slowly the smartphones are taking over the market from ordinary phones. However both ordinary cell phones and smartphones are selling at a good scale all over the world.

Cell phone companies are coming up with new and innovative versions of the cell phones. There is a lot of innovation taking place especially in the smartphone type of cell phones. Nowadays people use their phones not just to use features like calling and texting but also browse the internet and use “apps” on their cell phones.


Many people visit websites through different devices like cell phones etc. and not just through the traditional computer, so responsive web design is essential to the websites today. Responsive web design means the ability of a website to adapt according to the device on which it is accessed. This means that it can resize itself on to the screen of the device being used for easy navigation and easy viewing. This also means that if the website has a responsive web design version, then it will resize itself to fit into the screen of the cell phone. More and more people are using cell phones and the smart phone types of cell phones are gaining popularity all over the world. Responsive web design is essential for them so that they can cater to the people who might visit their website through their cell phones. So as we see cell phones have gained a lot of popularity and browsing the internet through a cell phone has become easier with responsive web design.

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