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A better way to manage brand files


Smartimage is a great tool for cloud-based image storage, sharing, downloading, and display. Whether you freelance as a photographer or graphic designer, or work within a company, this is the perfect environment for your logos, photos, documents, and other brand files.


Quality is the topmost priority

Your files are high resolution and, understandably, you’d like to keep them that way. Smartimage preserves the exact same quality that you envisioned for your graphic files, whether they are in AI, TIFF, EPS, PNG, PDF, GIF or JPEG format. From your original uploaded files, Smartimage converts them to common sizes based on file resolution — PNGs with transparent background for vectors and JPGs for all else.


An easy way to organize and display visual content

Your photos, documents and vector logos are placed in collections divided in specific sections with default or custom headings and sorted by means of smart tags and filters, which makes them easy to locate. The whole collection can either be made private, secured with a password, or public.


The password protection option means that you can invite others to access a collection via email, and they wouldn’t be required to create an account to do that; or, you can grant access to partners and colleagues who, as second-level administrators, have the opportunity to upload, edit, delete and download any particular images, or create and delete collections.


An extremely useful feature that Smartimage offers is the chance to post a set of style “guidelines” which your teammates can consult and thus avoid even the slightest risk of misrepresenting your brand in the design process.

Your collections are available to be reached from desktops, tablets or smartphones. In terms of public showcasing, you may display your collections and individual files on Facebook and other social platforms, or embed the images or public collections as a whole on other websites. Plus, you can embed Youtube and Vimeo videos in your collections.  To maximize exposure, user provided titles and descriptions are automatically employed so that your collections are search engine optimized.


You also have the chance to connect your Google Analytics power to the system to gather more data, in addition to the status of all embeds, downloads, and shares that the Smartimage analytics dashboard provides.

So, why not give it a try? You can create an account free of charge — no credit card required — for a trial period of 45 days, available for 3 users and 50 files. And the three pricing plans — bronze, silver and gold — offer an increasing amount of storage and administrating space, together with substantial savings for yearly plans.

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