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Landing Page Designs – Minimal Design


Landing page is an online marketing concept. It is the first page or the “lander” page that people see when they click on a search engine optimized search result. This is an important page and mostly is a direct sales copy. It is often similar to the advertisement of the product or service that is on offering. It gives precise information relating to the product and how the customer can buy the product or service. Many times, online websites have landing pages with details of how to register with them and payment options for the services that they provide. The main idea behind landing pages is to convert site visitors into sales or leads. It is an effective online marketing tool that is often used by various websites.

Landing Page Designs

Landing pages are important to help the website convert visitors into sales. So the message must be clear and the design must be attractive yet simple to understand.  The landing page design should contribute in appealing to the visitor to buy the products or services offered by the website. It should provide a simple plan of action to the customers so that the customers feel like spending money at the website. The landing page design is deemed to be doing well if it has a high conversion rate from visitors to sales or leads. A great landing page design will get the visitors to take action and spend money on the website.

A landing page design should not have too much information and graphics. A badly designed landing page will make it look unappealing and will confuse the visitor of the website. This will hamper the impact of the landing page and it may not generate sales even if the website has a solid product or service, offering to the customer.

Minimalistic Design Landing Pages

A landing page should be aesthetically pleasing, clean and elegant. It should be simple to understand yet it must have all the information that the website wants to convey to the visitor of the website. It should appeal to the visitor and the design and colors used should be attractive and related to the subject.

Nowadays the trend that is very popular in landing page design is Minimal Design. Minimal design is simple design without too much clutter. Unnecessary graphics, colors and texts are not added on landing pages, to keep the design clean giving the visitors only the necessary information in a clean design layout of the landing page.

In Minimal Design landing pages often only one or two colors are used, there are limited images, graphics and text used and the message is very clearly conveyed in the landing page.

As minimal design has very few elements in the design, the designer must create a very appealing landing page using fewer elements so that the minimal design landing page is attractive to the visitor of the website. Minimal Design Landing pages are becoming very popular as they provide information to the visitors in a clean and simple yet appealing way.

Here is the some examples of Minimal Landing Page Designs for your inspiration:


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