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Great Tips for Designing and Printing Brochures that Work as a Brand

Print is very much lively and is a valuable channel for your marketing communication. Of course focus on your website but don’t turn your back on the advantages of print. Here are some points why you should still be using print:

  • It’s easy for your customers to read printed text than text on a screen
  • Pictures and graphics can be bigger and higher quality than on a web page
  • Your customers can read about the products and services wherever they happen to be
  • A brochure has a physical presence and doesn’t require a power supply or additional technology

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Here are a few brochure design tips to keep in mind

1. Make sure it is stand out

Make sure it is stand out

Make sure the brochure is attractive and eye-catching. Brochures have to stand out if you expect to raise revenues or interest in the product or service that you are offering to consumers. It is quite simple to make the print media stand out. This can be done by adding an important point using a photograph that is eye-catching. Remember that the front of your brochure is the first thing your prospects see, so make them exclusive, bold and interesting…

2. Ensure the brochure is easy to read

Keep it smile easy to read

Try to keep the design of a brochure that is simple and to the point. If you have several products, create a brochure for each product. This will help them to distinguish what they are reading about. Use graphics that make sense or of the real product. This can include images of the product being used if those are available. The graphics used should not come into sight to be computer generated; they should be able to be identified as the real product in use.

3.  Make Important Words Stand Out


Every piece of marketing material uses key words to describe their product. When these are used in headlines, make the font a little larger. A thicker and richer font can also be used, but it should be the same to the rest of the headline. Throughout the text in the descriptions or other copy included in a brochure, highlight keywords in a suitable way.

4. Use incentives


Consumers like promotions and incentives. Consider to include an area for coupons or special promotions on the last section of the brochure. This will attract consumers to want to try the product or service you are offering. Even better, make the discount or free offer redeemable only if the promo piece is brought in to the store so you can effectively track your success status when incorporating incentives, be sure to include expiration dates. Expiration dates and limits are important to include along with any disclosures of the services

5. Know your audience


When determining the manner of your brochure, you need to keep in mind the type of audience. If you are trying to gain new clients, the brochure should be appealing and exciting. If you are focusing on maintaining existing clients, use text and images that convey a tone of friendship, faith and appreciation for their business.

Keep these guidelines in mind when creating a brochure and a smart design coupled with easy-to-read, well-written text will gain attention and bring more clients to your door.

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