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23 Inspiring Branding, Visual Identity and Logo Design Examples


Designing corporate branding or visual identity can be most valuable asset for any company or brand. Corporate branding is what sets your business apart from your competitors. Business card, compliment slip, envelop and letterhead is the key elements of creative branding.

We are already showcased lots of business logo design and business cards that will help you to spark creative ideas for your branding or visual identity projects. Today we’ve shared hand-picked examples of branding, visual identity and logo design created by professional designers and graphic design agencies.

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Branding, Identity and Stationery Hand-picked

Hand-picked collection of branding, visual identity and stationery designs for your inspiration. All examples are simply amazing. Enjoy!

Christian Vizcarra Brand by Christian Vizcarra Cabrera

Christian Vizcarra Bran Logo
Christian Vizcarra Bran Logo Concept
Christian Vizcarra Bran Business Card
Christian Vizcarra Bran Stationery Items


Allure Digital – Branding by Prashanth Murali

Allure Digital Logo
Allure Digital Business Card
Allure Digital Stationery Items


Technoelectric Corporate Identity by Vlad Vladulescu

Technoelectric Corporate Identity Logo
Technoelectric Corporate Identity Business Card
Technoelectric Corporate Identity Stationery Items


Steve’s Home Improvement LLC by Mark Brown

Steve's Home Improvement LLC Logo
Steve's Home Improvement LLC Logo Concept
Steve's Home Improvement LLC Business Card
Steve's Home Improvement LLC Stationery Items


Enhanced Drilling, Branding/Corporate Identity by Tom Emil Olsen

Enhanced Drilling, Branding Logo
Enhanced Drilling, Branding Logo Concept
Enhanced Drilling, Branding Business Card
Enhanced Drilling, Branding Stationery Items


Wizards Agency – Branding by Karol Kos

Wizards Agency - Branding Logo
Wizards Agency - Branding Business Card
Wizards Agency - Branding Stationery Items


Bauru United for Games (BUG) by Luiza Marcondes

Bauru United for Games (BUG) Logo
Bauru United for Games (BUG) Business Card
Bauru United for Games (BUG) Stationery Items


OnMedia Collaterals by Donn Rae Chua

OnMedia Collaterals Logo
OnMedia Collaterals Stationery Items


Swedish Handicraft Societies by Snask

Swedish Handicraft Societies Logo
Swedish Handicraft Societies Business Card
Swedish Handicraft Societies Stationery Items


Tom Reid’s Bookstore by Sebastian Bednarek

Tom Reid's Bookstore Logo
Tom Reid's Bookstore Business Card
Tom Reid's Bookstore Stationery Items


SMG by Tansel Turunz

SMG Logo
SMG Stationery Items


Visota by Anton Peretyaka

Visota Logo
Visota Stationery Items


Soydemir Law Office by

Soydemir Law Office Logo
Soydemir Law Office Stationery Items


Bundstar Media by John YU

Bundstar Media Logo
Bundstar Media Business Card


3Five Media Branding by Victor Malin

3Five Media Branding Logo
3Five Media Branding Business Card


Barba Bird Identity by Dawid Cmok

Barba Bird Identity Logo
Barba Bird Identity Business Card
Barba Bird Identity Stationery Items
Barba Bird Poster


Skillflow by Mateusz Tatara

Skillflow Logo
Skillflow Business Card
Skillflow Stationery Items


Platform by Max Pirsky

Platform Logo
Platform Business Card
Platform Stationery Items


Suzi Zutic Jewels by Maurizio Pagnozzi

Suzi Zutic Jewels Logo
Suzi Zutic Jewels Business Card
Suzi Zutic Jewels Stationery Items


Haqqi Tours by David Mubien

Haqqi Tours Logo
Haqqi Tours Business Card
Haqqi Tours Stationery Items


Operatyw by Adam Rozmus

Operatyw Logo
Operatyw Business Card
 OperatywStationery Items


Strata Corporate Identity by Vitaly Stepanenko

Strata Corporate Identity Logo
Strata Corporate Identity Business Card
Strata Corporate Identity Stationery Items


Pixel Awards by Florence Libbrecht

Pixel Awards Logo
Pixel Awards Business Card
Pixel Awards	 Stationery Items


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