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Why Create Your Business Website with X Theme

Every business has to stand out in the competitive online landscape. You want a premium WordPress theme that helps you get maximum visibility. Maybe you’re thinking of the best ways to launch your own business website, or working to design them for your clients. In any case, X Theme is the right choice.

This theme has completely different designs or Stacks, and you can strike up unique websites that are based on clean code. Shortcodes and 15 plugins make it easy to add any functions, and the planned updates turn X into the ultimate theme of 2015.

1. Which Stack should I choose?

It’s important to give your website a proper paint job. X Theme is made of four designs that you can start from. More Stacks are going to be developed, but right now your options are Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos.

The best design for business is Integrity. The first ever Stack from X Theme lays a perfect foundation for all domains of interest. Move forward with Integrity, if you want a professional-looking website for your design practice. Use it to carve a respectable presence for law firm websites, government agencies, or non-profit organizations… Even photography and creative studios.

Greet visitors with an elegantly designed home page, in either light or dark version for all color schemes. You can let the background image shine through a transparent header area, for a refined look.

You should also create a blog page, and a portfolio to establish more credibility and build trust. Adopt a standard or masonry layout, and allow your viewers to share works presented in the portfolio index via social buttons. If you’re also running a shop, Integrity allows you to customize a friendly welcome message and call your users to action from there.

2. I could use some Inspiration!

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a new project comes up. Just have a look at some well-designed websites, and soon enough you’ll find your own ideas coming off life support and readying to face the world on their own merits. Gorgeous business websites can be based on the Integrity Stack, as shown here:

Other examples:




3. How do I use the Customizer?

It’s a lot easier than surviving through the entire holiday season spent with all your relatives. Let’s assume you’ve just installed X Theme. Open your WordPress Admin Panel, and seek out the Customizer. Spotted it? Click on Customizer, and you’re transported to your studio, where all the magic happens.

The interface comes across as inviting, and light.

What you get is a split screen. On the left, you have all of your options in a panel. Then, there’s a main window on the right, and that’s where you can size up everything you’re working on before actually publishing. The live previewer from X Theme is a blast.

You’re not left to your own devices, to understand the options in your panel and the best way to use them. X Theme makes suggestions while you work, and as it turns out, they’re quite useful.

One more thing. Perhaps you wish to save time and not have to go through the same process again and again with different business projects. Well, then use the exact same design options across several domains! That option is wide open with X Theme, in almost the same style as the WordPress Importer plugin. It works like this. Navigate to the sub-menu beneath the Customizer menu, and look for the Import and Export options. They come with crystal-clear instructions.

4. How do I choose Extensions?

Every business website is different, yet they’re united in one goal: to convert visitors into customers, and traffic into profit. Enhance user experience and bring in more business with some forms of extended functionality. X Theme has prepared for this with Content Dock, Video Lock, Custom 404, Google Analytics, and MailChimp.

Extensions are basically WordPress plugins, in the Theme.co way. X Theme currently has 15 plugins. I know for a fact that some of them are customized by Theme.co, yet the vast majority are simply adapted for high performance. In other words, they make every page on your business website load at the speed of light. It seems that all of us, web users, are ruthless when faced with a loading page. Yet, X Theme makes sure you never lose traffic because users wait half a second over their usual patience limit.

We’re also ruthless when faced with an error page. Users are never happy to click on a broken link, then get a barren screen. That’s unacceptable! Make a Custom 404 and save the day. Try for a good background image, a huge headline with a witty remark, and a shortcode-induced search function. It’ll be like nothing ever happened.

Users will even think that your business is as thorough as your attention to these details.

…They might even feel more inclined to sign up and subscribe to your e-mailing list. So, be sure to use the MailChimp integration from X Theme and easily customize a beautiful opt-in form. Then, add it to most of your category pages, where visitors have it in plain sight – always tugging at their attention.

Follow up closely with how engaged your website users are. Anemic traffic has to be identified fast and dealt with. Google Analytics is also included with X Theme as an adapted plugin, and it’s very simple to operate.

Your business website needs solid marketing. X Theme gives you the very best tools: Content Dock and Video Lock. One, to suggest short-term offers through images, text, and links placed in a box that slides in the lateral view. The other, to configure full-screen presentations of hot deals.

Activate and manage Extensions by navigating to the Add-ons menu.

Third-party plugins like Disqus Comments, Slider Revolution, or Under Construction have their own settings menu dictated by the plugin developers. However, once you activate a Themeco extension, its settings page appears beneath the Extensions submenu item.

In Conclusion…

There is so much you can do, both for your practice and for your clients, with this powerful theme. Coming up with a dashing website specific for every business’ needs has never been easier. Theme.co and their prodigy, X Theme, make it possible to design business websites better than ever before. Wouldn’t you agree?

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