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10 Fresh Business Pre-built Websites That Rock

There is no one-size-fits-all set of website designs that will fit all business. Businesses are simply too diverse. Nevertheless, when building a website for a client who happens to own or represent a business, there are some important design and marketing guidelines that need to be taken into account.

There needs to be a clear understanding as to what a business is all about, or what its brand represents. Most business websites outline the services a business provides or the products it has to sell, but all too few do so clearly or concisely. Copy is not always well written, and images are often substandard or simply unimaginative. Few business websites bother to tell a story.

There is much involved in building a premier business website, as you are about to see.

Examples of Pre-Designed Websites for Businesses that will Draw Customers In

Perhaps the first rule for designing a business-oriented website should be to note that first impressions count. Here are several examples of pre-designed websites for several different business types that illustrate the importance of a good first impression.

For example, if you are designing a website for a digital or web design agency, your client is going to insist on a website that is flawless in terms of its appearance.

Customers must be convinced, when they bring up the website for the first time and see a clean design that conveys a professional atmosphere, that they have located an agency they would like to do business with.

In this specific type of business, the importance of the portfolio cannot be understated, since prospective customers will almost always check out an agency’s previous work. For this reason, Be Theme’s creators designed pre-built websites focusing on portfolios and services.

Be WebDesign

A vastly different business type would be a burger delivery restaurant.

Be Burger

This is an excellent example of a website design draws a customer in. The powerful image is enough to make even those on a carefully-planned diet start licking their lips!

A website’s home page should focus on the business’s UVP (Unique Value Proposition), making sure there is clear area in which to present it. The UVP could be a company name, a slogan, or a logo. In this case, a powerful image does the trick; and tells a story.

Images work!

  • We live in a visually-oriented culture.
  • Images are preferred over descriptive text, and they get more website views.
  • Good marketing practices depend heavily on images.
  • The best images tend to be your own.

Be Dietitian

This pre-designed website has a far different look, but it will also draw customers in. It conveys trust. It beckons visitors to explore further.

Be Club

Be Club conveys a sense of good times and a cozy atmosphere. One look, and the first thing you may choose to navigate to is where to sign up. This is another example of a home page that begins to lead a viewer to a call for action.

Be Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a place for children to learn and where they can have fun. This pre-built website also conveys trust, and it even invites the viewer to take a tour.

The following two examples emphasize experiences that could best be described as “intense”.

Be Extreme

Be Surfing

These are the pre-built websites will be loved by businesses that deal with outdoor or sporting adventures.

Be Handyman

A handyman can be involved in many diverse things. Some businesses are that way as well, and would seem to be difficult candidates to build a website around. Here, a multipage website does the trick. Instead of a cacophony of diverse subjects, you are given images that are minimal, clean, and stylish. They make you want to keep looking.

Be Hotel

Here is an example of where a slider can be put to good use. There is plenty to look at, but the overall image gives an impression of simplicity, and sliders enable more information to be introduced without adding clutter.

Why People Love Be Theme Pre-designed Websites

Be Theme offers more than 170 of these pre-designed websites. Those that are applicable to use for business websites are by no means limited to the few examples shown here. Most of the 170+ are perfectly suited for business websites, and if there are any that might not, they can easily be customized to do so.

Check out this 1:45 minute video and see how easily it is to use and edit a Be Theme pre-built website

Be Theme also has a wealth of powerful website-building features. This WordPress theme’s 40 core features provide everything needed to build virtually any type of website, including blogs, portfolios, and of course eCommerce sites, quickly and easily.

These features include the powerful Muffin Builder 3 and Visual Composer page builders/editors. You can use either, or both. Be’s Layout Configurator, Admin Panel, and Shortcode Generator, give you all the website-building flexibility you are ever likely to need.

Coding is not necessary, and you can even start a website project from scratch if you wish to. Just come with your idea, select a grid, a header style, and a layout option, and you are off and running. Before long you will have delivered a website to your client that has customers beating a path to his door.

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