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Graphic Design Trends Fading in 2016

To say that the graphics are the creation of visual proclamation is not wrong at all. It is a specialty of combining thoughts, pictures, and additionally messages into a site or publications. The utilization of graphic design in the 21st century developed increasingly and now, you can see them all over the place; books, street signs, sites, TV design, manuals and each little detail of your day by day life.

For Graphic Designers, one of the great task to fulfill is to stay aware of the modern trends. Trends change, as do individuals from time to time. The trends are about what is favored by most of the people at a specific moment of time. What is “hot” in the world of graphic design and what’s not is the only thing that is in any way important in some cases. And if you do make something out of design, it will, most of the time, go to waste. At worse, it might be abused or discredited, which implies terrible reputation as a graphic designer, which is very critical.

The trends changing and fading in 2016 are:


Be Original Be Creative 2017

As the most serious issue with the present graphic design trend is that it’s extremely hard to be unique when utilizing it. Thus, basically any site tailing this example feels the same, paying little respect to the minor shading and picture differences. This is a reaction to mass reception. People who got in at an opportune time the present trend are most likely feeling stale today as the trend proceeds. Now people want to see originality as well as inventiveness. So, the trend to use the same graphic design is simply fading away in 2016 and websites are using more creativity to deliver carefully produced animations.

Flash Introductions

No more Adobe Flash introductions

Some time ago, the graphic designers utilized flash introductions on a website to impress the visitor, giving them something cool to watch and make them need more. But now this flash is fading in 2016, but watching a video before you get to the data you truly need is only an obstruction to web clients. Rather, the designers are using a video design in the backgrounds of the page in a way that you can still see a great video, while you explore the page.

Complex and Skeuomorphic Design

Complex and Skeuomorphic Design Trend

While skeuomorphic outline is not dead yet, the graphic designers are anticipating it may be done really soon. The design which is inventive as well impressive, almost 3d visual impact is cool to look, however, it is fading in 2016 and nowadays the designers are using the flat design, which utilizes smooth, basic, moderate pictures and lines.

Flat Design Trend

The flat design is being utilized like never before, which demonstrates a developing spotlight on basic UI and great UX. With this shift to the flat design likewise comes a move in the opposite direction of other convoluted, complex design components, which just serve to mess pages and divert clients from the job that needs to be done on the site.

Complex Forms

Complex forms

Previously, the websites, especially the sites of e-commerce, had clients fill out long and complicated forms to share data or make purposes. However, today there is more attention on UX than before. So, the designers are disposing of long, broad forms to get client data.

UX Form Trends

Rather, the forms are currently requesting fundamental contact information or connecting to a site like PayPal, which no doubt already has a client’s financial data and can be utilized in just a click. Web clients will probably work with a webpage that is quick and simple for them to utilize. So, the complex form graphic design trend is definitely fading in 2016.


Pop-Over Trends Fading in 2016

One of the most irritating things to happen when you’re reviewing a site page is when something pop ups and literally blocks what you’re attempting to fulfill or viewing. In 2016, this graphic design trend is fading and graphic designers are avoiding the pop-over, which appears amid viewing a website and prompts you to agree to something else or achieve something else on the webpage. This will urge guests to really remain focused on the site and make an exchange or complete what they sought.

Stock Photos

Stock photography trend fading in 2016

On the web, there are libraries of stock photographs that the graphic designers can use for nothing or pay to utilize. What results is that numerous sites wind up utilizing the same photographs on their page, making it confounding, as well as exhausting and unattractive, for potential clients.

Creative photos trend

This trend of stock photographs is fading in 2016 and the graphic designers are moving in the opposite direction of stock photographs to utilize their own particular tweaked photographs to convey something particular about their business. Graphic designers are additionally utilizing more unpredictable components like video foundations for their website, which implies not more indistinguishable, identical websites.


As the same graphic designs are being used widely by many companies and brands, the effect of them has gradually decreased. But, in the next year 2017, websites will be livelier and the old graphic designs will be converted into something unique (as-usual).

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