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Elevate Your Designs with the Perfect Mockups

Make Your Design Portfolio Stand out with High Quality Product Mockups

As a designer, you work hard to create unique and interesting designs, but you also know that a great design isn’t enough to get your work noticed. One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that all of your hard work gets the recognition it deserves is by displaying it in a way that elevates it even further. This is where mockups come in. Whether you design web pages or printed material, there are all types of mockups you can use to elevate your designs and really make them shine.

Graphic Design Tools to Make Your Design Work Easier

Before getting into how mockups can elevate your work, let’s take a moment to talk about the design process. You don’t have to be a professional in the field in order to create beautiful designs that sell. In fact, with the right design tools, you can make your creative visions come to life with professional results.

Whether you want to sell t-shirts online or are building your brand’s identity, you can use the extensive collection of design tools and templates offered at Placeit to make your work easier. You can design a logo, create a professional business card, and even design flyers and online banners for a cohesive collection of marketing materials. Placeit makes it easy to find what you’re after because all of these materials are sorted by niche, making it easier to stay on target. Go ahead and browse Placeit’s collection of design tools and if you don’t see what you’re after, send in a request for what you’re looking for!

How Mockups Can Give Your Designs a Boost

Now that you have your designs ready to go, don’t include them in your portfolio just like that! While your design may look great on its own, it will always look better displayed on a high quality image that shows it in a real life setting. Avoid presenting boring, flat assets to potential clients and instead wow them by displaying that cool web page or app you worked hard on using a cellphone or laptop mockup.

Finding mockups that fit your design aesthetic is easy thanks to the huge collection of mockups you can find on the internet. In fact, Placeit offers all sorts of mockups you can use to display anything from web designs to apparel designs and anything in between. The best part is that you can have these mockups ready in seconds because they don’t require any design software. There are no PSD files to download, layers to sort through, or retouching to work on. Simply upload your design onto the mockups of your choice and hit download. It’s really that easy!

Device Mockups to Showcase Your Web Design Skills

Web design work isn’t easy, but a designer knows how to make it look effortless and seamless. Once your work is done, use high quality device mockups to display your work in real life settings. From iPhone mockups to MacBook mockups, there are all types of images you can choose from for your portfolio. Below are some examples of the types of device mockups that would look great in a graphic design portfolio.

Increase Your Sales with the Right Apparel Mockups

Designing for apparel can seem tricky because there are quite a few factors to consider, including the type of garment your designs will be printed on and size limitations. Displaying your apparel designs in a flattering way is another huge factor to consider. You can get your items printed, hire models, and rent some camera equipment in order to get impressive photos, or you can use apparel mockups! You can find all sorts of apparel mockups, including t-shirt mockups, hat mockups, hoodie mockups, and so much more, making it easier to get professional results for your portfolio. If you aren’t convinced, check out some of the high quality apparel mockups you can find at Placeit!

Update Your Online Portfolio in Seconds with Placeit

As you can see, using the right mockups can make all the difference when it comes time to present your design portfolio to clients. Luckily, Placeit has all of the mockups and design you’ll need to elevate your designs and present a stunning portfolio. The best part is that with Placeit’s unlimited subscription you have access to all of Placeit’s design tools and mockups for only $29 a month! If you’re not convinced, head over to Placeit and check out the huge library of tools and give them a try!

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