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4 Ways to Use Visual Composer Hub to Harness Faster, Simpler Web Design

Drag and drop editors are wonderful tools, but they’re only as good as the elements you can give them access to. The Visual Composer Hub’s library of the types of templates and content elements is massive.

What you have then is a fast and efficient drag and drop editor and access to a massive array of templates and elements. You no longer have to settle for “what might be out there”, which is seldom enough; especially since what’s available in the Hub is easily customizable.

Let’s take a close look at what you’ll find in the Hub. More than likely, it’s much more than you think.

What is the Visual Composer Hub?

The Visual Composer Hub is a cloud-based marketplace of web design material. It’s connected to your Visual Composer Account from where you can search for the design templates and elements you need.

The Hub obviates the need for extra plugins or custom coding. You can search for the ready content you need, and once you’ve found it, download it directly to your Visual Composer Website Builder account.

Visual Composer Hub

Once there, it’s ready to be put to use.

The Visual Composer Hub Library

The library of content that resides on the Hub is massive in scope, with something for any project. The content is also compatible with any theme, including themes you may already be using, and you have full access and unlimited downloads to the forever free Hub when using Visual Composer Premium

What’s Inside the Visual Composer Hub

Accessing the Visual Composer Hub won’t ever be an issue. It’s built right into the VC website builder.

The Hub stores 4 primary content types:

  • Content elements
  • Page templates
  • Block templates, and
  • Stock images

Let’s check out each type.

1. Content Elements

Searching Visual Composer Hub’s huge content library and downloading the first-class content elements is a simple and slick process.

Content Elements

What will you find in your Content Elements search?

  • Buttons
  • Media
  • Social
  • Post Grids
  • Advanced Elements; including hover boxes, logo sliders, tabs, and more.
  • Compatibility Elements that you can integrate with MailChimp, Envira Gallery, Ninja Forms, and more; plus,
  • an E-Commerce Plug for online store sites

The Hub’s content elements are constantly updated. With Visual Composer Premium there’s no limit to the number of downloads.

What can you do with these Content Elements?

You can:

  • Edit any content element. The Hub gives you access to multiple edit options for each element, including CSS animations elements that can be edited to create superb transitions right out of the box.
  • Easily replace elements, switch between elements, and quickly and easily change content appearance using the Smart Preplace option.
  • Use advanced features that include leaving notes to team members, creating content types for organizing and hierarchical building processes, extending editing flexibility.

It should be noted that some of the advanced features are only accessible by Visual Composer Premium users.

See what Visual Composer Hub Premium unlocks if you need access to even more design content elements:

Visual Composer Advance Features

2. WordPress Templates

Editable templates are available for any theme, and you can always find what you need by looking for a template that fits your website look and feel. Once you find it, click download and the template will be placed in your account and ready to be adjusted to fit your needs.

WordPress Templates

The WordPress Template Hub’s special features make designing your website a much simpler process. These features include your ability to

  • Automatically store design information in your template library
  • Save pages as templates
  • Customize any template
  • Export and import templates
  • Add template widgets, and
  • Apply global templates

As important as design experience is, you don’t have to be a designer to create awesome pages when you have the right tools and design elements at your disposal; and that is precisely what you have with a drag-and-drop design tool coupled with a library of stunning designer templates.

You can certainly build and store your own templates, but whether you build or download, the Template Library is a great resource to have if you plan to make each website more beautiful and easier to build than the previous one.

3. Block Templates

Experienced web editors will love the Hub’s content elements library, and anyone looking for faster and easier website building will feel the same about the Hub’s array of templates.

What about the middle ground – design blocks?

Block Templates were introduced to fill that need. If anyone asks you what the Goldilocks Standard of custom design and drag-and-drop functionality is, introduce them to block templates.

Block Templates

When Visual Composer Premium subscribers unlock and access Block Templates, magic happens – the magic of being able to build a page in seconds. All the flexibility you need is there too, so take a leap of faith and enter the wonderful world of Block Templates.

4. Stock Images

The Unsplash stock photography library has been seamlessly integrated into the Hub, and since your Hub can download the Unsplash images directly into your Visual Composer website builder, it just couldn’t get any easier.

You can search for an image right from the Frontend editor, download what you find, and your image(s) will be in your account waiting to be used.

Stock Images

Looking for related images to one you’ve already found? You can access the image author’s Unsplash profile by hover and click to direct your search to the related images.


A drag-and-drop visual editor is a great tool to have, but it’s not enough. You need quick and easy access to a library of content elements, templates, design blocks, and stock photography to make web design as easy as can be.

We meant it when we told you the Visual Hub’s library is massive. And there’s more waiting for you as well. Check out the Hub’s collection of add-ons and other premium elements.

Why not log in now to check out the free version of the Visual Composer Hub? There’s much to gain and nothing to lose.

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