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All you need to know about an API for Global News Data


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow developers to take news stories from day to day and showcase them on their platforms. Media Stack’s global news data base allows its customers to the do the following:

  1. Gather information in many different languages and easily translate it for their better understanding
  2. Have access to over 9,000 global news sources
  3. To be able to have access to structure web data and put it into analytic tools

Mediastack allows its users to access its global news data with different APIs. With the world going digital, news and the way it reaches to people has also evolved over the years. However, one thing is for sure that people have unlimited breaking news and live news streaming options available to them on the internet to pick and choose from.

Conventional media houses are a thing of the past as we are witnessing the death of the newspaper. People have limited attention spans now and breaking news APIs and live news APIs serve the purpose of keeping them up to date with their surroundings and beyond. Media Stack makes sure that all its users are always surrounded with the latest buzz around the globe.

You can now have easy access to over 20 million different articles that feature breaking news APIs and live news APIs from our wide range of data that consists of over 10,000 global news data in multiple languages for users from all across the globe. If you still have not accessed our website, you are surely missing out and keeping yourself from accessing a lot of global data that you otherwise could have easy access to in no time.

Curating Data

Global News Api

Here is how data is curated on our global news data base and made available to our vast audience from different backgrounds:

  1. We first harvest data by collecting it from different places together so that it can be available to our users in the form of breaking news API and live news API.
  2. The collected data is then curated for better understanding of the audience.
  3. Key terms are then extracted from the data so that it can be presented in the form of breaking news API and live news API.
  4. The news articles are the sorted out in a proper structure so that our users find them in a presentable form when they access it from our website.
  5. We then make the breaking news API and the live news API is available to all our users on time so that they do not miss out on anything.

Media Stack usually performs the entity extraction for its users so that they can have better access to the global news data.

Here is a list of all the standard entries that we extract from the breaking news API and the live news API:

  1. Place
  2. People
  3. Company
  4. Crime
  5. Breaking News
  6. Live News
  7. Weapon
  8. Disease
  9. Symptom
  10. Location

How our data is being accessed and used

Breaking News API

Media Stack is one of the oldest breaking news API services available to people on the internet. Our platform is a good option to those who like to access breaking news API related to business, finance and the market. There are also analysis and data services easily accessible on the site for users who would be interested. The basic application is available for free but, for the advanced version, you will have to check out our website for pricing and more options.

Live News API

Media Stack also aggregates live news API services by displaying the most recent news stories on the web and mobile devices, including breaking news and live streaming. Users can search for the latest articles, blogs and comments on news of their choice.

One thing is for sure that are users are always up to date and never miss out on any breaking news API or live news API when they access our website.


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