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When Is The Perfect Time For A Logo Redesign?

A Logo is like a face for a company, it defines your whole corporation in a single name, pattern or design. However, the question is why do we need to update this face? Well not everyone gets their logo right for the first time (of course except some classic logos of companies like Mercedes, Audi, apple etc). A logo designed in the 90’s might not connect to people of the present day. So, it is important to change or update your logo accordingly as per the need of time.

Logo redesign tips

You can hire professional logo designers for your logo redesign. For this, you can turn up to the best logo design company not only in India and Pakistan but in Australia, Italy, Germany, USA, etc. These countries houses world’s best logo designers, that get things done for you. However, for that, you need to first decide when the right time for a redesign is. Well, we would recommend you to ask yourself the following questions before you decide to change or update your logo.

Did Something Major Took Place?


Always ask this to yourself did something major happen with your firm like your company introduced a new product or you opened a new branch somewhere else. If yes, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you to change or update your logo design. Why? Well, first your company will be in the major limelight when you make such a big move or introduces something revolutionary and second it is the perfect time for you to update if you feel like you are missing out on the industry standards. When you do something big like this, you should be in your perfect form, and being told that it is also important, from a marketing point of view. You cannot afford to miss out on something crucial at such moments.

Are You Making Progress?

New face and identity

Like we said before, your logo is something that represents in the market and it is a valuable asset when it comes to marketing. So if you are not making any progress in your business and you feel like your logo does not connect to your audience, then it might be time for you to either update your logo or change it completely from scratch, hence start with a new face and identity in the market. Many companies have done this and even achieved success after changing their logo design.

Do You Need To Connect With New People? 

Connect People

This is crucial, as if you have gone global then you might need to interact with new people of different mindsets and cultures. So if your audience has changed then why don’t you? It will be a lot easier for you to just change your name into something that connects with the native people of that state. For instance, big companies like google and amazon do not change their logo or name, however, they do add prefix according to the country, the base is located in such as Google India, Google Australia, etc.

Although this strategy might work for companies that big (“I mean who don’t know google and amazon today?”), but for small businesses and companies, it might not be that effective so they might have to change their logo design in order to connect to these people of that country.

Tackle Competition


If someone has taken your throne in this competitive world and you want to reach back at the top, then it might be a good time to consider updating your logo. This is a great way of not only showing your presence in the game but also a great way to show that you are updated with the latest technology. Also by changing the logo, new people might consider using your products and services, as a majority of people are there who would love to try something new in the market.

Change in Business Ideology

Change in Business Ideology

Every business has an Ideology which includes their short term goals which they call to mission and a long term goal of what they want to be that is their mission. And if you have experienced any change in these two things that means your whole idea of business has changed. So, it is important that you also change the way others see you by changing your logo. There cannot be a better reason nor time for you to change or update your logo.

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