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3 Ways Graphic Design Can Optimize Your Branding

In a world where countless companies are vying against each other online, branding has become one of the most common buzzwords. Everyone in a business thinks about branding at some point, from the CEO to the marketing director. If they’re not obsessing over the company’s branding, they’ll be considering their own personal brand. After all, one’s reputation these days is more curated than organic.

Of course, graphic design has played a huge role in branding since long before the days of eCommerce and social media. Its centricity has only increased with the transition from physical to digital.

Here are 3 ways you can use graphic design to optimize a company’s branding.

1. A Standout Logo

A Standout Logo

When branding didn’t go far beyond the business’s shopfront, logos were obviously very important. You wanted people to notice the business, because they came by it organically. Nowadays, however, people use Google to find businesses selling products and services. For this reason, many people underestimate the power of having someone to design a professional logo for them.

But it is still crucial to have a standout logo, even if it’s not going to go on a storefront or banner. The effect is more subtle but no less significant. It defines how people see a brand far more than a slogan does, and certainly more than a landing page’s copy. If people see an ugly logo, or one that doesn’t seem to suit the industry, they will be inclined to find another option. Having no logo is even worse, as it implies that the business doesn’t know what its branding is supposed to be about.

2. Infographics

Top Infographics

Few pieces of content impress people like an infographic. Infographics can be used to convey difficult information in a way that even the layman can understand. They are one of the most useful tools that a company can use to show it knows what it’s doing. To show it is one of the industry leaders. Doing so is crucial to good branding. It’s not enough to look good aesthetically – being known for its expertise is huge.

Infographics rely far more on the graphic design to portray information than the words. While the copy is obviously important, an attractive and intuitive visual experience is what keeps people engaged and gets the message across. Infographics are a major branding tool, and all the best companies recognize this.

3. Ads

Best ads

Ads are obviously the most direct form of getting a business’s branding across. Unfortunately, many businesses are making the mistake of thinking that simply sponsoring posts is going to get people to take notice. The truth is that unless the ad is particularly eye-catching, people are going to scroll right past it.

Ads are where your graphic design skills are given the best chance to shine. You’re responsible for not just catching people’s attention but directing it immediately to the message the business is trying to get across. This requires a great blend of subtle techniques. Use all the marketing skills that you’ve learned, and you can use this platform to optimize branding to its ultimate level.

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