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Why Do SEO Experts Recommend WordPress as The Best CMS?


WordPress released back in 2003, and since, then it has expanded at a faster face. Different brands use this CMS for their website. Others post their corporate blog content on WordPress. Today, it powers close to 34% of the sites. Back in 2019, WordPress 5.3 got released in November 2019. And till date, it has had close to 8,088,611 downloads. Needless, to say that this CMS has gained and is still gaining ample popularity.

People often wonder about the reasons that make WordPress so popular! One of the crucial reasons is that WordPress is apt for SEO. Are you wondering how? If yes, then you need to check out the reasons and pointers that SEO professionals and agencies provide here.

1. WordPress concentrates on the user experience

WordPress concentrates on the user experience

User experience is an essential aspect of SEO! The plug-ins and themes available in WordPress help to make websites look attractive and professional. It is also user-friendly. The outcome is that online users and visitors love to browse through a WordPress website. The users stay on the website for a long time, and that reduces the bounce rate as well. Do you want to maximize the SEO rank for your website? If yes, then choosing WordPress as your CMS is a right decision.

2. You can generate better permalinks

WordPress generate better permalinks

WordPress makes it simpler to edit the website’s permalink. Here you can add the keyword directly in the URL. Hence, it indicates that other than appearing informative and pretty, the permalink can enhance the search ranking as well.  To know more about this, you can get connected with an expert SEO marketing firm.

3. You can manage the Metadata better

WordPress manage the Metadata better

The Metadata and SEO titles enhance the way the search engine interprets website relevance. The Metadata alerts the search engine crawlers to understand what a specific webpage presents. The moment you add essential keywords to the Metadata, the website rank increases more than ever. WordPress users can use the Yoast SEO plug-in, which enables them to add Metadata in their posts within a few minutes.

4. WordPress makes image optimization simpler

WordPres Image Optimization

Every blog post requires images. It helps to add an exciting mix to your blog. And users become more interested in reading a blog content that has the required pictures. You can use photographs to segregate your blog into distinct sections. Images are potent SEO tools in WordPress. Discussed below are three easy methods for image optimization in WordPress, that will enhance the SEO:

  • WordPress enables you to generate alternative text for every image. It means you can add the keywords and use them as image descriptions. The search engine crawlers will take note of this and enhance the SEO.
  • There are WordPress plug-ins that enable you to generate alt-text for every picture.
  • Users can resize the images and keep the website loading speed high. Else, the online visitors might bounce off from the website and switch to another one.

5. WordPress users don’t have to witness slow website loading times

WordPress Website Loading

Page speed in mobile search is an essential Google ranking factor! Hence, if you have a prolonged website, then it can only upset the users and lower rank in the Google SERPs. Therefore, the best news is that WordPress offers some of the best plug-ins, which enhances the site speed. For example, there is the ShortPixel Image Optimizer, which helps to compress the PDF documents as well as post images that enhances the site’s loading time. The other remarkable plug-in that you can use to optimize website speed is WP-Optimize. It helps to cache the site, clear off the database, and compress the image for quicker loading.

6. The mobile users find WordPress easy to use

WordPress Easy To Use

One of the main objectives of SEO is to pay heed to mobile usage. Over the past year, it has increased manifold in the past few years. Are you an online marketer, and you want to attain traction online? If yes, then you need a mobile responsive website to enhance your SEO ranks. WordPress is the best solution for this. And here SEO professionals don’t need to undertake a new initiative to make WordPress websites mobile-friendly. The CMS is mobile optimized.

7. It helps in your social media campaigns

WordPress Social Media Campaigns

Social media is expanding fast speed today! SEO strategies include social media initiatives, as well. Also, your social media campaign success will indirectly enhance SEO ranks. It indicates as online marketers need to use social media along with their digital marketing campaigns. With WordPress, you can accomplish that fast. There are customized social media buttons on WordPress. It helps users to share your content as well. Furthermore, SEO experts can add in the social media feed to their site. WordPress also helps SEO professionals to automate social media campaigns.

8. You can access the best SEO plug-ins

WordPress SEO plug-ins

SEO experts recommend WordPress because they can have access to the SEO plug-ins. Some of the best plug-ins to use are:

  • Yoast SEO – Several SEO experts and online marketers use this plug-in. Not everyone has to be tech-savvy to use this. It enables users to optimize the content they write, concentrating on a keyword. It also helps them to create content that is understandable to both search engine spiders and humans. It offers Meta description templating as well as the SEO title. It provides premium users to complete assistance whenever required.


  • Google XML Site Maps – Using this plug-in, generating critical XML site maps is easier. These maps get formatted in a way that the crawlers can crawl the page easily to understand the content. Also, every time users publish their post, the plug-in alerts the search engine about new content. It helps you know the web pages that stand out in comparison to the web pages that don’t. There’s no need to leave the WordPress dashboard for viewing the Google Analytics Reports. You have access to check the clicks that the banner ads, outbound links, and the affiliate links get.

These are some of the features that make WordPress a leading CMS choice for SEO experts. Today, it is essential for brands to up their SEO initiatives, so gather a meteor chunk of audience base and increase search ranks. The website is where all the SEO actions start. Hence, choosing WordPress is essential.

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