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Free APIs for your site

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. This means that every time you use a social media application or send a message to someone, you are making use of an API.

When your phone is connected to the internet and you use the connection to send data to a server, you are making use of an API. It is the job of the server to retrieve data, interpret it and perform the necessary actions. The system then interprets that data and presents you with the information that you are looking for.

How are APIs useful for designers?

APIs are quite useful for designers. Design refers to the process of developing the API that helps in exposing data and application functionality to be used by both developers and users. APIs are important to modern organizations. They add a new capability to everything from operations to partnership strategies. It is no longer a stretch to say that most organizations do not ask whether to engage in API programs. They now focus on how to do so. An API lifecycle consists of different stages and designing is one of them. It helps in giving the results to the users. Today we geathered 10 free APIs from Apilayer for our audience.

Here is a list of 10 Free APIs for your site:

1. Ipstack

Ipstack comes in handy for this. This software is equipped with geolocation API. It connects IP to location API. By simply using the IP of the visitor, it allows you to keep tabs on who they are. This, in turn, translates to a chance of tailoring your user experience. Read More

2. MarketStack

MarketStack is known for being able to handle multiple requests at a time efficiently. Figures tell that it is able to handle a million requests in a day, which is something to be applauded. MarketStack API is reliable and fast. The fact that it is also backed up by the latest cloud infrastructure is proof enough of its capabilities. Read More

3. Ipapi

Ipapi is an API for IP Geolocation that allows organizations to find the location of different IP addresses. It uses IPv4 and IPv6 to identify locations which then helps an organization in sending personalized content, determine which currency to reflect prices in and to detect frauds. The company has a portfolio of over 30,000 clients that are benefitting from its services. Read More

4. Positionstack

Position stack API is our accurate and extremely fast forward and backward Geocoding rest API. We offer free geocoding services worldwide. With over two billion addresses covered all over the globe and one billion-plus geocoding requests received per day, we are growing as a global network fast. Our geocoding services are free and is trusted by business and companies worldwide. With this API geocoding is very effortless and easy. You can integrate our API with your system in a matter of seconds! Read More

5. Coinlayer

Coinlayer API is the globally accepted source for data on cryptocurrency. The exchange rates are updated in real time using the JSON API infrastructure. It is a worldwide trusted resource for those trading in the crypto market. Coinlayer provides access to rates from 25 exchanges and covers more than 385 coins. Read More

6. Aviationstack

Aviation stack API is an API that tracks data in real-time. It is available to track flights in real-time as well as historical data for all commercially available flights. It is free and is available all over the globe. Trusted by over 500 companies worldwide, it is the leading tracking API in the modern market. This API is a one fit for all and will suit all your business needs. Read More

7. Mediastack

Mediastack allows its users to access its global news data with different APIs. With the world going digital, news and the way it reaches to people has also evolved over the years. However, one thing is for sure that people have unlimited breaking news and live news streaming options available to them on the internet to pick and choose from. Read More

8. Scrapestack

Scrapestack allows customer to scrape websites at a very high speed along with advanced features like concurrent API requests, CAPTCHA solving, JavaScript rendering and option of 100+ global locations. The 100+ global location option allows customers to choose any geo-target and scrape websites without any hassle. These locations include many prominent cities around the world. Read More

9. Weatherstack

For such real time updates Weatherstack is best tool which gives real-time updates. Not only future or present updates but also historical weather trend of several locations. This solution is easily affordable and for all kinds of customers, companies, individuals or freelancers around the globe. Its data consistency is remarkable and has an easy implementation setup. This product is developed by “Apilayer” who has an experience in developing several user-friendly and remarkable products which cloud-based API and Software-as-a-Service aka SaaS are. Read More

10. Countrylayer

The countrylayer API is free for developers. Yes, you read that correctly. It is both simple and easy to integrate. It does not matter what programming language you are using because it has a user-friendly API that can easily integrate into an application within a few minutes. The countrylayer API provides extensive country information. It provides accurate countrywide data, including geographical position, population, etc. The countrylayer API can easily return data from almost 200 countries across the globe. It is trusted by over 1200 companies in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Start using it.

Why countrylayer?

Fee– Our API is free for developers. You can start using our API for free today.
Simple and Easy to Integrate– No matter what programming language you use: Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, or any other programming language, our user-friendly and straightforward API interface can easily integrate into your application in a few minutes.
Extensive Country Information– Our countrylayer list API provides accurate country data, including geographical position, population, codes, currencies, languages, flag images, and much more.
Countries from all over the World– Our countrylayer API can return data from all countries of the world, almost 200 different countries.

How to Use It

You can integrate our countrylayer API into any of your applications written in any programming language. The following code examples show how to use the countrylayer API with some common programming languages: Search by country name. It can be a native or partial name.

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