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15 Great Writing Hacks Every Creative Writer And Blogger Needs To Know

Anything is easy until it is done. To creative writing and blogging, this rule applies perfectly. To make your articles and posts go beyond expectations, you have to widen your vision and be patient with yourself. But first, you have to read some useful hacks that are helping thousands of writers to boost their works’ creativity Read these tips properly and apply them to your writings.

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1. Be curious and attentive in your everyday life 

You can find inspiration anywhere. Sometimes unexpected events and situations make you very inspired. Listen to what people say; note each small detail. For example, you can go to a cafe and just sit and watch people’s interactions. Or take a walk in the nearest park overlooking the surroundings. These easy steps can bring you a lot of creative thoughts.

2. Read a lot

Obvious advice that is impossible to avoid because, without reading, you will not be good in writing. Read everything you can find. Especially read something you are not writing about. If you are mainly writing prosaic texts, then read poems; if you write comedies, then read detective stories. Go outside the box all the time and feed your brain with different literature.

3. Speak to people often 

For a writer or a blogger who wants to succeed in creative writing, communicating with new people is everything. Widen your social circles, interest in people’s lives, find new friends, talk over different social events and topics, and tell people more about yourself.

4. Revise and proofread attentively 

Do not forget to use different tools to make your text shine bright. While you are going through the text repeatedly, you will be getting more involved in the story you tell. New ideas can appear simultaneously.

5. Join a writers’ community 

Speaking to other writers will boost your confidence as you will understand you are not alone, and a lot of your colleagues are facing the same creative troubles. Share your ideas, discuss your projects, get feedback. Ask other writers about their projects and give them your feedback too. 

6. Write a lot 

Practice makes a lot of sense in anything you do. But when it comes to creative writing, practice is king. Do not be lazy and write every day. Give yourself a promise to write at least two pages per day, and in a month, you will definitely be surprised by your results.

7. Join writing courses 

Upgrade existing knowledge you have or better study from the very beginning to refresh your mind. Sometimes repeating gives much more to your everyday writing routine than you can imagine.

8. Learn from the best 

Explore famous authors’ tips and life hacks, listen to podcasts, interviews, read biographies of contemporary authors and writers of earlier generations to see your path from different angles. You can start with must-read books for beginners written by Umberto Eco, Steven King, and other excellent writers.

9. Focus on what you are doing 

Do not let your attention fly away from your paper – practice focusing on different techniques and instruments  starting from yoga and meditative practices. When you are focused on the process, you are getting into a “flow” that you can feel like a high-speed run of time or like a total calmness and silence. This “flow” can bring you plenty of new, unexpected ideas.

10. Be well motivated 

Know your goals, have a vision, and a clear understanding of what you are doing and what you want to reach. Do you want to be a famous blogger? What is hiding behind this purpose? Maybe you want to motivate other people within your blog? Think about your primary goal and keep it in mind.

11. Develop your own writing style 

Your tone of voice must sound unique and reflect your personality. If you are yourself instead of acting like someone else, you will succeed easier than in case you are pretending to be funny and easy-going when you are a more deep and self-reflective person.

12. Expose more often than compose 

Speaking the truth, anyone likes reading wordy sentences. Trying to explain everything in words, you can dive deep into a description that will badly influence your text’s narrative. The secret is to tell less and to show more. Show your character not by describing his personality in detail but instead put him into a complicated situation where he will specifically behave. That will give readers an understanding of his personality better.

13. Edit your writing with passion

Do not think that editing is the same thing as proofreading. Editing goes far beyond correcting sentence mistakes and grammar checking. You have to look at your text with the eyes of another person. You have to become your own editor who can criticize you and change even essential parts of the text if needed.

14. Write about something undiscovered

Do not stick to subjects and topics you know well. Explore new areas and fields. Try writing about things you have no idea about. This will help you to create something unexpected and unique.

15. Visit new places often

This tip is not originally about traveling to different countries (that obviously gives us a lot of inspiration). Traveling does not always mean going miles away from home. Explore your nearest surroundings, go on a car trip around your city or town. Sometimes you can find a lot of unexplored places, even near your house. The main idea is to visit a new place for you. Even if it is a street you have never been to before. 


Hope these creative writing hacks will help you to look at your articles and posts from different sides. Never stop writing and believe in yourself. And remember – being creative is a skill you can develop by continuous practicing.

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