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15 Best Seamless Vector Textures Sets


High resolution textures and backgrounds are perfect for graphic designers to create endless possibilities and make your designs look more elegant, attractive and memorable. There are 15 seamless vector texture sets with approx. 500+ textures suitable for various purposes such as illustrations, photos, designs tutorials or the website layouts. A beautiful vector textures sets included Halftone Textures, Gold Foil Textures, Macro Paper Textures, Vintage Grit Textures, Leather Textures, Folded Paper textures, Rustic Wood Textures, White Canvas Textures, Retro Textures and Cracked & Distressed Textures that gives more realistic, handmade look to your work.

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Best Vector Textures Packs [Features]:

  • Add a more realistic and natural style to your digital artwork.
  • Easily add an incredible vintage style with grunge, noise, grain and halftone textures.
  • Simple to work with, a bonus step-by-step help instruction guide walks you through using these textures in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Each textures clock in at a size of 5000×6000 or larger.
  • Files are available in PDF, ABR,
  • Unique high resolution textures.
  • Set includes both Vector EPS and PNG format.
  • PNG files have transparent backgrounds.
  • Incredible high resolution files with amazing detail and quality!

Here is the list of Seamless Vector Textures Pack:

1. Adhesive Tapes Texture Pack

These are high quality, detailed and unique handcrafted textures made directly from high resolution adhesive tapes scans. You will be able to customize your projects with these new and fresh textures, using them in the original size, or resizing them with no worry of distortion.

Adhesive Tapes Texture Pack


2. Halftone Stains Textures

Halftone Stains Textures


3. 10 Macro High-Res Paper Textures

10 Macro High-Res Paper Textures


4. Gold Foil Textures, Gold Backgrounds

Gold Foil Textures, Gold Backgrounds


5. Glued Paper V2 Texture Background

Glued Paper V2 Texture Background


6. Vintage Grit Textures

Vintage Grit Textures


7. 10 Vector Halftone Textures

10 Vector Halftone Textures


8. 20 Holographic seamless textures

20 Holographic seamless textures


9. 20 Beaten Halftone Textures

20 Beaten Halftone Textures


10. 22 Leather Texture pack

22 Leather Texture pack


11. Retropress Halftone Textures

Retropress Halftone Textures


12. Folded paper textures

Folded paper textures


13. Rustic Wood Textures

Rustic Wood Textures


14. 20 White Canvas Textures

20 White Canvas Textures


15. Cracked & Distressed Textures

Cracked & Distressed Textures


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