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3 Important Roles For Graphic Designers In Any Business


Graphic design is an overlooked skill in many big businesses. Any graphic designer worth their salt knows just how catastrophic poorly designed imagery can be for a company’s status. But that does not mean we know what roles are available within a regular business.

If you have not found roles that suit you in job postings, or would rather work as a freelancer, you need to know how to sell yourself. In order to do so, you have to show your value as a graphic designer in a business, even if your potential clients don’t yet know what to look for themselves.

Here are 3 important roles graphic designers have in any business.

Website Strategy

Website Strategy

Most companies come up with strategies for their websites which they then hand over to web and graphic designers. However, as someone with the advantage of aesthetic vision, you are better placed to strategize regarding the different components of the website.

Every graphic designer who has had to do a job for a website about which they were never consulted knows exactly where the clients went wrong. They have had to make do with unrealistic expectations, badly thought out ideas, and poor marketing decisions.

Selling yourself as someone who can consult on website strategy as well as carry out the design necessities gives you an advantage.

Social Media Adverts

Social media adverts

Advertising on social media platforms has become very popular and many business owners try to do it themselves. However, without the eye of a graphic designer, these ads often fail to impress, no matter how effectively they are targeted.

One of the most important roles in the marketing side of a business today is social media ads design. With your skills, you can ensure that ads are noticed even by the busiest targets. Good social media ads need more than snappy copy. They need to catch the eye and send a more effective message than any number of words can.

Your role within a business should incorporate their social media ads strategy. Business owners are best positioned to identify their target audience, but you are far better suited to getting that audience to take notice.

Internal platforms and communications

Roles a good designer

Many businesses focus all of their aesthetic work on the outside world. They want their best visuals to be seen by clients. However, the experience of staff is very important as well. Good aesthetics give staff pride in their company, as well as the sense that their experience is taken seriously.

As a graphics designer, you can be in charge of making sure internal communications are branded to perfection. You can also take care of the look and feel of any software used by the company to manage staff experience.

Graphic design is underused by many big companies. Although they appreciate the work of graphic designers, they do not realize just how many roles a good designer can take on. Consider the above roles and use them as selling points when reaching out to new clients or discussing your position with current employers.

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