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5 Graphic Design Tips To Design Better Custom Award Trophies


Trophies have been around for thousands of years. Ironically, they are the first possessions that show pride in one’s accomplishments. Unfortunately, they are also some of the first to be discarded when moving to a new location or attempting to simplify one’s life.

If, as an employer, you want to recognize your employees in a way that they will appreciate for years into the future, you need to create a custom award that is both elegant and stylish. If you’re not a designer then the five graphic design tips listed below can help you to create a unique trophy that can inspire its recipients for decades.

1. Design Starts With Quality Materials

No matter how carefully you design, it is the material that will draw the most attention. There are some materials that automatically exude prestige. When deciding on a trophy design, consider using materials like crystal, platinum, gold, silver, or glass. These create beautiful awards that reflect the pride and luxury you want to present to your employee.

You also want to take the same care when choosing the base for your trophy. Rather than fixing it to a simple piece of wood, think about the rich quality of more elegant woods like mahogany, ebony, or oak.

2. Create a Unique Shape

Trophies can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so don’t just settle for the traditional golden cup as your go-to design. Create a shape that is unique so that it is tailored to your specifications. When designing, think of the purpose for the award, the occasion, and the personality of the recipient. The winner will feel all the more attached by something that was especially designed for him than if you opt for one of the more classic designs.

The uniqueness doesn’t have to be restricted by shape. You can also think about choosing a unique color. If you’re planning on giving out a lot of similar trophies consider making each one a standard shape but a different color. Whatever you decide, you want the award to stand out as unique to that individual so that it stands out from the rest.

3. Make The Typography Distinctive

When it comes to engraving, the typography is a key element that can give you a more distinctive style. Your engraver should be able to guide you through a range of elements that include different fonts, line-height, tracking, and kerning until you find a style that will be clear, readable, and stylish.

Your goal is to create the perfect combination that will evoke positive emotions in your recipient. This requires them to be able to do more than read the inscription but also be inspired by it.

4. Make Sure The Size is Right

Custom designed trophies also take into consideration how they will be presented. If you’re planning on presenting it at a large event, your trophy needs to be large enough that it will be appreciated by the audience. One that is too small won’t be seen clearly and will lose much of its impact.

By the same token, an award presented in front of only a few people can be a simple desk ornament or a small trinket. Bottom line, the trophy size must not just fit the recipient but also the occasion. Choose a design that is large enough for everyone to see but not so large that your recipient will have trouble taking it home.

5. Add Your Brand Image

The award must also reflect your business’ brand image. This can be done by adding your company’s logo or business name, or you can simply adjust a color that is easily associated with your company. This branding can be done in any number of ways and can be large or as small as you want it.

Keep in mind when customizing your award that you are not limited to simply putting a logo in the corner. You can incorporate a wide variety of designs and wording so that it evokes the exact image you want. Just make sure that the design is unique and one of a kind.

Creativity is at the heart of a customized trophy. You can take a very simple idea and turn it into something amazing that your employees will talk about for years. Just remember to think outside the box and not limit your imagination. If you do, you’ll have a trophy that everyone present will be proud of.

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