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10 Best Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Are you searching for a new text effect for your current graphic design project? Here you can find a list of the 10 most awesome Photoshop tutorials we have to offer. Learn tips and tricks from Photoshop pros and create your own text effect! Achieve insane, high-quality results like glitch effects, movie titles, and so much more.

1. How To Create Awesome Glitch Text Effects – Photoshop Tutorials

The glitch text effects always bring extraordinary beauty to the texts, so mastering their creation will be a useful skill that you can benefit from. And this video tutorial can help you with that. The instructions given by the teacher (which you can both see on the screen and hear as he tells everything he does) are so detailed that you don’t have to be an experienced Photoshop user to be able to duplicate the steps. When you finish the lesson, you’ll be able to use the texts with glitch effect on your website, for example. Bold typography with straight lines will surely make a strong impression on the viewer, making your site memorable. Though the text glitches a lot and looks mysterious and magical, the typography will still be easy-to-read.

2. Photoshop Tutorials – Paper Cutout Text Effect

This Photoshop video lesson will show you how to apply the paper effect to your text or lettering. The step-by-step format will help you recreate this effect whether you are a beginner or an advanced Adobe Photoshop user. The great advantage of this tutorial is that you see what the teacher does on the screen and also you hear his instruction so that you won’t get confused in the creation process.

To get started, it is recommended to download all the resources you need to complete the lesson: you can find the links where you’ll get the font and customizable PSD file attached below the video. The paper text effect is a strong and eye-catching one by itself, but it will look even better as the part of your project.

3. Transparent Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

Not only do text effects add beauty to your design projects, but they are also pleasurable to the eye. Even if you don’t have much experience in the graphic design field and Photoshop in general, you’ll see how simple it is to create an effect with the help of this video tutorial. The instructor will show you how to create a transparent text effect in detail. It can be done only in a couple of minutes, and you can also apply different color effects on text according to the need of your current or future projects. All the resources you will need to follow the teacher’s instructions, such as font and image, are attached, so you don’t need to waste your time on searching, spend it creating a transparent text effect!

4. Video Tutorial: Melting Liquid RGB Text Effect in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll be taken through the whole step-by-step process of creating a melting liquid RGB text effect with somewhat of a retro 80s aesthetic with its vibrant colors and grainy texturing. The effect is ideal for your graphic design projects, such as creating an album cover design or poster art with a retro-futuristic style. In this text effect video tutorial, the instructor shows how to use a couple of simple tools within Photoshop in order to create the effect you need. By the end of the lesson, you will finish off the piece with textures to enhance the retro vibe. The incontestable advantage of this tutorial is that you get everything you need for free: a huge set of textures is ready to be used in your work.

5. NEON Text Effect | Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial

Neon text effects always look trendy, so why not learn how to create them yourself? Here you’ll get not only a point-by-point video lesson but also all the resources you’ll need to follow it. Of course, this won’t be taking you through the motions tedious tutorial. On the contrary, you’ll be taken into the depths of the nightclub scene, so you can feel the atmosphere and get inspiration before immersing yourself in the creation process. Along the way, you’ll be creating a cool neon sign and learning a really awesome text effect. Mastering it can add a whole new depth to your design work and also you can use it in different projects: this effect will look great for signs, on your website or folders.

6. Video Tutorial: How To Create a Vintage Movie Title Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Do you remember this reminiscent style of classic film titles of old black and white movies from the 20s, 30s, and 40s? That’s the text effect you’ll create after watching this video tutorial. Here Chris Spooner walks you through the whole process of creating a vintage movie title text effect with the help of Photoshop’s 3D tools. You don’t have to worry, as most of the hard work is already done by Photoshop’s 3D functionality. The one and only thing required to produce the three-dimensional effects and the chamfered text face is just some configuration of the settings, along with low-key lighting and shadows. Everything you may need in this tutorial is gathered here and you can download it all for absolutely free.

7. Video Tutorial: How To Create a Mosaic Text Effect

Imagine mosaic painstakingly created by hand by drawing each individual tile, where every detail gives a whole look its unique vibe. Due to this lesson, you’ll be able to reproduce the same process but with the power of Adobe Illustrator that will help achieve a similar look. In the text effect video tutorial, Chris Spooner will take you through the process of creating a mosaic tile effect, using a mix of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This kind of tiled effect has been quite trendy and popular among graphic designers over recent years. You will then transfer the art over to Photoshop to help boost the realism with texturing and the must-have pair of superimposed feet. All resources you need you’ll find here, ready to be downloaded.

8. How to Create a Fur Action Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

The fur text effect is something that looks so realistic that you can’t help but stop and stare at it, fighting the will to touch it and feel that softness under your fingers. If you share this opinion, the premium video tutorial is for you. Here you’ll learn how to create a fur effect in Photoshop using a pattern, a fur brush, a layer style, and a gradient map. The four main points you’ll be taught in the lesson are: how to create furry letters in Photoshop, how to use fur brush in Photoshop to make letters fluffy, how to achieve a fur texture with a Photoshop fur brush, and how to create a 3D fur text. At the very end of this Photoshop fur tutorial, you will have an action-ready to perform almost the entire process with a single click.

9. How to Create a Clean, Glossy Plastic Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Though nowadays we’re trying to get rid of plastic as much as possible, clean, glossy plastic text effect won’t hurt our planet and it will look great in your graphic design project, adding uniqueness to your work. This premium, highly detailed video lesson will help you learn how to create such a font. You’ll see how multiple Photoshop layer styles can help achieve a more complex 3D effect. The tutorial will show you how to use filters, layer styles, brushes, textures, and adjustment layers to create a clean, glossy plastic texture effect in Adobe Photoshop. Before you learn the process of creating a shiny effect in Photoshop, you’ll need to have assets (fonts, textures) that are included in the tutorial.

10. How to Create a Photoshop Gold Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Following several tips and guidelines, you can easily create unique designs and out-of-this-world images right from your fingertips. This detailed, step-by-step premium tutorial will show you how to use a couple of textures, brushes, and layer styles (that are all included in the lesson!) to create a wedding-themed, confetti text effect. Though it may sound difficult at first, the lesson will make it easy even if you haven’t done anything like this before. Applying such an effect on your text is one of the coolest things you can do if your project is related to the wedding ceremony: invitations to the wedding, signs or any elements of decor. However, there are much more usages to this text effect: greeting cards, your blog’s design and much more.

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