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Essential Guides for Newborn Wrap Photography

Many parents love wrapping their babies especially when they are preparing for a newborn photography prop. For this reason, it is necessary to learn some of the essential guidelines that will help you wrap your baby for you to have a successful photography prop. They will not only make your body feel more comfortable but also make your photographer have easy work when making shots.

Part 1: How to choose the perfect wrap for your newborn photography?

The best way to keep your newborn baby comfortable is by learning and understanding how to choose the best fabric to use for your newborn photography. It also depends on how you investigate the props that can perfectly hold up your newborn well during photoshoots. There are many various fabric materials you will find in the market. However, not all the materials will be suitable for wrapping a baby. For you to have the best wrap for your newborn photography, you will need to select a material that suits you most based on its features.

Therefore, the fabric material you will need to consider when choosing your best wrap should have the following features;

Soft and Comfortable

When you want to choose the best fabric for the photography of your newborn baby, what you need to think about first is the comfort the material will provide to your newborn baby. Newborn babies always have soft skin, which is new and delicate. Because of this, no one will ever think of choosing scratchy or rough fabrics for their newborn.
photography of your newborn baby

Stretchy and durable

Choosing a high-quality fabric will offer you a longer service life. This is because the high-quality material will be more durable and reliable. Therefore, selecting a durable fabric will help you hold up your baby effectively, which makes you save on your expenditure on buying materials frequently.


High-end fabrics like alpaca and cashmere are the best option to consider when choosing a piece of fabric for newborn baby props. They are pricier and feel amazing, making them excellent for your newborn baby prop. They are affordable as almost all the items used to make them are always handmade. Therefore, it will be a good investment that will not consume much of your money when you choose to buy your fabrics from these types.

Part 2: What material is best for newborn wraps?

Another essential thing to consider is choosing the best material you can comfortably use to wrap your baby. Newborn baby skins are always very delicate and sensitive; because of this, the cab easily absorbs anything that it comes into contact with. Therefore, choosing an excellent material to write your baby will guarantee no harm to you during the newborn photography props.

However, the sensitivity levels of the skin of newborn babies vary depending on their ages; therefore, when choosing a material for your baby, you also need to consider the age of your newborn baby. In addition, when you wrap your baby with a fabric material that is too thick, it will make the newborn may feel pained. On the other hand, when you use thinner material in wrapping your baby, the newborn may feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when choosing the best wrapping material for your newborn, these materials listed below will be the best option for you;


Cotton is the most popular fabric used globally for newborn photography props and other numerous purposes. This durable fabric material will serve you for a longer time in your photography business. In addition, it is affordable and will make you’re newborn feel more comfortable and relaxed. Furthermore, this material is versatile, making it the best option for wraps, blankets, and outfits.


Fleece is a soft material that will make your newborn skin feel great. This material can have gaps or be fluffy. However, this material may not suit you If you want to wrap your newborn in cold weather, such as in winter. In addition, the fluffy fleece will not allow the newborn skin to breathe perfectly.

Merino wool

This is the most classic material that many parents prefer. Merino wool is one of the warm and soft types that makes your baby feel more comfortable during a newborn prop.


Cashmere fabric will be a fantastic option for you to consider if your newborn props. You may not include it in your budget if you are in the early stages of the photography business, but it is worth being aspired to.

Newborn Wraps


This material is perfect for adding texture to newborn photos and is soft. This makes many photographers prefer working with this material for newborn photography props. In addition, fur material is more affordable than other materials used in wrapping. However, when choosing a fur prop is the possibility of shredding. Shedding may be harmful if the newborn put the stray fur into the mouth.

Part 3: What size is suitable for a newborn wrap?

Choosing a size suitable for your newborn photography will depend on the experience you have in wrapping, in simple words your wrapping ability. If you are a beginner, you will have to go for a slightly larger size that allows you perfectly wrap your baby and also provides you with some adjustment options. However, when you are a professional wrapper, you can go for the recommended size to make your baby have the best wrap. In addition, the size of the material will also depend on the age of your newborn baby. Because of this, when choosing the best size suitable for your newborn, you will need to consider the age of the baby.

For instance, the perfect size of wrapping material for babies under the age of three months will differ from the suitable wrap material size for 9-18 months. There are different sizes of wrap materials in the market today, however, not all the sizes will be suitable for your baby. Of all the sizes, the most common one suitable for a newborn wrap range from 1 to 1.5 meters long and about 40cm wide.

Therefore, when purchasing your fabric wrap material, you can use the measurement below to guide your purchase. However, as you continue using the wrap material, you will gain more experience and be able to come up with your preferred size that may differ from the size mentioned. In addition, if you want to buy a fabric material that matches the backdrop, then the best size to buy will be a 2 meters long fabric. On the other hand, you can choose the width of the fabric to be 1.75 meters.

Part 4: How to wrap a baby for newborn photography?

Wrapping your baby perfectly is the only way to make your newborn feel comfortable during the photography prop. For this reason, you need to learn how you can wrap your baby effectively for the prop. These steps below are prepared to guide you in learning how to cover your baby without straining yourself too easily. The steps include;

  • Step1: place your newborn in the fabric wrap carefully. When on the wrap, ensure there is enough length on the shorter side of the fabric that will help you bring the wrap towards the baby.


  • Step 2: Put the hands of the baby up in the chest and then pull the wraps shorter side to cover the body of your baby. Ensure the wrap firmly surrounds the underneath of the body for the baby to be more comfortable when lying on the wrap.


  • Step3: Put the legs of the baby on the chest and pull the other section of the wrap. Use the longer area to cover the baby’s shoulder and then bring the other side to cover the bottom of the baby. Always ensure the baby is comfortable when covering the body.


  • Step 4: You can now slowly lift the child while bringing the wrap through; when getting the wrap, ensure it covers both the shoulders of the baby.


  • Step5: When lifting the baby, you can bring the wrap and ensure it covers the whole body, leaving only the head. The wrap should entirely cover both the hands and the feet.


  • Step6: When gently lifting the child, bring the fabric wrap to cover the underneath firmly.

When carefully following the steps above, your baby will be perfectly wrapped and ready for the newborn photography prop. In addition, the baby will feel more comfortable when the fabric wrap is covering the body effectively.


Every parent will desire to have the best wrap material for their newborn photography. This is because the best wrap material will make the newborn feel comfortable and also make the props more interesting. Therefore, you need to be wiser when choosing the suitable fabric material for wrapping your child. In addition, how you dress your baby also matters during newborn photography props; because of this, ensure you go through the steps described in the article below to make you understand how you can perfectly wrap your baby for a prop.

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