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Best 50 Fonts For Poster In 2022


Fonts are the backbone of a poster and a good poster effect depends on it. Remember that the font you choose should be legible, regardless of size, and should complement the theme or title of the poster. A good font can be an iconic element of your branding and can tie your poster together. However, finding the right font requires experimentation. Here you can find the 50 best fonts for posters.

Due to the unique characteristics of fonts, the fonts can make your poster more attractive and amazing. These fonts can be used for all kinds of poster designs such as Educational, political, social, advertising, campaign, digital and fashion posters.

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50 Best Poster Fonts – Free Download

If you are looking for the best find for your next project or simply want to find inspiration, you can check for some free resources available online. Some platforms such as Creative Fabrica, have an entire section of free fonts, graphics svg and other resources. You can browse the library and choose from this list of free fonts with licence the perfect font to use on your poster.

List of Best 50 Fonts For Poster In 2022:

1. Sweety Font 2. Anastasia Font
3. Loving Font 4. Lightning Script Font
5. Melody Stories Font 6. Modero Font
7. Ex Libris Font 8. Recia Display Font
9. Mosk Font 10. Balkinsat Font
11. Super Space Font 12. Cute Kitchen Font
13. Stigma Font 14. Charrie Font
15. Comica Boom Font 16. Tea For God Font
17. Foxbot Brush Font 18. Displayed Condensed Font
19. Enyo Slab Font 20. Puisi Adinda Font
21. Thorand Font 22. Modern Ligature Font
23. Dystopian Futuristic Font 24. Bleep Bloop Font
25. Luxury Fashion Font 26. Ramka Font
27. Creative Script Font 28. Zidan Font
29. Stop Bullying Font 30. Colonna Font
31. Teqto Font 32. Fester Font
33. Somebody Else Font 34. Avro Gadro Font
35. Hanker Brush Font 36. Hanca Font
37. Fino Black Font 38. Rebeqa Font
39. Apache Display Font 40. Beautiful Child Font
41. Dimitar Futuristic Font 42. Textured Script Font
43. Engine Font 44. Gabara Sans Serif Font
45. Cornwall Sans Serif Font 46. Karma Vintage Font
47. Gathenbury Script Font 48. Larrikin Font
49. Sonder Vintage Rough Font 50. Berg Font

Best Poster Fonts Free Download

1. Sweety Font

Sweety is an elegant and modern handwritten font that can elevate the look of any creative project! Use it for wedding invitations, birthday cards, thank you notes, apparel designs, and other projects that need a personal touch! This font is PUA encoded, which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

Sweety Font

Font Download

2. Anastasia Font

Anastasia Font

Font Download

3. Loving Font

Loving is a beautiful script font that works well for a variety of designs. Get inspired by its playful romantic charm! Add this lovely freebie to your creations and take your designs to the next level!

Loving Font

Font Download

4. Lightning Script Font

The Lightning Script font is a stunning work of art. This beautiful handwritten typeface is great for adding a personal touch to your designs. This stunning font looks great on poster, branding materials, signs & invitations, business cards, and more!

Lightning Script Font

Font Download

5. Melody Stories Font

Melody Stories Font

Font Download

6. Modero Font

best poster fonts

Font Download

7. Ex Libris Font

Ex Libris Font

Font Download

8. Recia Display Font

Recia Display Font

Font Download

9. Mosk Font

Mosk Font

Font Download

10. Balkinsat Font

Balkinsat Font

Font Download

11. Super Space Font

Super Space is a fun, cool, and thick lettered display font. It embodies playfulness and authenticity and is the perfect choice for any children’s activity or school project.

Super Space Font

Font Download

12. Cute Kitchen Font

Cute Kitchen is an exquisite handwritten font, masterfully designed to become a true favorite. It maintains its classy calligraphic influences while feeling contemporary and fresh. Fall in love with it and bring your projects to the highest levels!

Cute Kitchen Font

Font Download

13. Stigma Font

Stigma Font

Font Download

14. Charrie Font

Charrie Font

Font Download

15. Comica Boom Font

Comica Boom is a fun, playful, and thick lettered display font. Whether you use it for cartoon-related designs, children’s games, or just any creation that requires a lovely touch, this font will be an amazing choice.

Comica Boom Font

Font Download

16. Tea For God Font

Tea For God Font

Font Download

17. Foxbot Brush Font

Foxbot Brush Font

Font Download

18. Displayed Condensed Font

Displayed Condensed Font

Font Download

19. Enyo Slab Font

Enyo Slab Font

Font Download

20. Puisi Adinda Font

Puisi Adinda Font

Font Download

21. Thorand Font

Thorand Font

Font Download

22. Modern Ligature Font

Modern Ligature Font

Font Download

23. Dystopian Futuristic Font

Dystopian Futuristic Font

Font Download

24. Bleep Bloop Font

Bleep Bloop Font

Font Download

25. Luxury Fashion Font

Luxury Fashion Font

Font Download

26. Ramka Font

Ramka Font

Font Download

27. Creative Script Font

Creative Script Font

Font Download

28. Zidan Font

Zidan Font

Font Download

29. Stop Bullying Font

Stop Bullying Font

Font Download

30. Colonna Font

Colonna Font

Font Download

31. Teqto Font

Teqto Font

Font Download

32. Fester Font

Fester Font

Font Download

33. Somebody Else Font

Somebody Else Font

Font Download

34. Avro Gadro Font

Avro Gadro Font

Font Download

35. Hanker Brush Font

Hanker Brush Font

Font Download

36. Hanca Font

Hanca Font

Font Download

37. Fino Black Font

Fino Black Font

Font Download

38. Rebeqa Font

Rebeqa Font

Font Download

39. Apache Display Font

Apache Display Font

Font Download

40. Beautiful Child Font

Beautiful Child Font

Font Download

41. Dimitar Futuristic Font

Dimitar Futuristic Font

Font Download

42. Textured Script Font

Textured Script Font

Font Download

43. Engine Font

Engine Font

Font Download

44. Gabara Sans Serif Font

Gabara Sans Serif Font

Font Download

45. Cornwall Sans Serif Font

Cornwall Sans Serif Font

Font Download

46. Karma Vintage Font

Karma Vintage Font

Font Download

47. Gathenbury Script Font

Gathenbury Script Font

Font Download

48. Larrikin Font

Larrikin Font

Font Download

49. Sonder Vintage Rough Font

Sonder Vintage Rough Font

Font Download

50. Berg Font

Berg Font

Font Download

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