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Get Inspired: 7 Unexpected Ways to Drum Up Some Creativity

Get Inspired

There are many things that we can control directly, but our creativity level is not one of them. As a matter of fact, inspiration is one of the most fickle concepts that affect the human condition. Below, we’ll share seven original ways to get inspired and overcome the creative block.

1. Keep a Dream Journal

As the name suggests, dream journals are notebooks where you can keep a log of the different dreams you have.

Keeping a dream journal can help you stay creative by reminding you of details that are in some cases generated by your own brain. also jogging parts of your brain that wouldn’t normally be active, which can contribute to higher inspiration levels.

2. Admire Abandoned Buildings

Do you live in an area with old, abandoned buildings?

Old architecture has distinct lines and curves, not to mention that details like door handles, railings, and windows were completely different.

This unique combination of images may jumpstart memories and suddenly give you an ocean of inspiration to pull from.

3. Window Shop at Vintage Stores

Most of us, modern humans, love vintage stuff — and the older, the better.

The idea here is similar to abandoned buildings but with a more practical application.

For example, if you’re creating vectors for a clothing brand, you may find new styles  to use in your icons for:

  • Buttons;
  • Buckles;
  • Jackets;
  • Jewelry;
  • And sunglasses, among other objects.

4. Make Art with Found Objects

Make Art with Found Objects

If you’re really looking for uncommon ways to foster creativity, start collecting objects on the street and making art with them.

The easiest thing is to do a collage, and you can start by simply trying to fill the empty space you have on your canvas or base.

Even if the first few hours are slow, you will notice that your brain will naturally go on a roll, find new creative ways to use the items you have, and potentially get you out of your creativity funk.

5. Play Music on an Instrument

Music has been observed to impact 3 key areas linked with creativity: cognition, learning, and memory.

Now, start playing a musical instrument in itself, and you may quickly find your groove, even if you’re trying to create visual art.

One of the reasons why this trick works well is that you can’t play good music while you’re tense. It’s necessary to be relaxed, which creates a better environment for natural brainstorming.

6. Get a Doodling Book

Drawing as a whole is a great activity that can help boost your inspiration levels, but doodling may be especially helpful because it’s easy to lose your train of thought.

For some artists, this is a monotonous task, which ties in with one of our earlier tips quite nicely!

Besides keeping your brain busy, doodling usually involves drawing simple patterns, which may help you open your mind and let ideas flow.

7. Study Contemporary Art Movements

Study Contemporary

Contemporary art can be defined as pieces that are created by current, active artists.

In most cases, contemporary art is unlike anything we’ve ever seen — just like Picasso and Dali in their times.

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Why Creative Block Happens and How to Avoid It

Creative block is a common occurrence that can impact anyone in the creative field.

It’s usually viewed as a different manifestation of performance anxiety: you are looking to move forward with your art, whether it’s for your own portfolio or your job, and the pressure doesn’t allow you to think straight.

Here are three tips to help you avoid creative blocks.

Do a Digital Detox

Around 3 in 4 people experience eye strain due to the amount of time they spend in front of a screen. This, along with other factors, can contribute to burnout and lead to a short attention span, which can hinder your creative drive.

Make Time for Monotonous Tasks

Monotonous tasks give your brain a break, and it may be exactly what your neurons need to mellow out and recharge. If you perform repetitive, low-stakes tasks, you end up daydreaming and potentially finding inspiration.

Take an Organized Approach

Take the time to create a workflow that has different stages and take an organized approach to your creative projects. This gives your brain a rest when it’s not needed and keeps it fresh for creative play.

To Wrap Up

Taking a walk in the park, clearing your head, and other traditional methods to drum up inspiration have their time and place.

But sometimes, you have to kick it up a notch to get out of a creative slump.

We hope that by exploring unused buildings, window shopping at vintage stores, keeping a dream journal, and following the other steps, you can get inspired and create something new every day.

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