Post Thumbnail of How to make a business website better by improving its UX

To establish a modern business, you need to create a website. Websites are precious. They provide quick access to the essential information and services a company offers. It is great to have an excellent online presence – and sites allow just that. However, many users expect a particular web design …

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Post Thumbnail of How To Build Your First Business Website: 5 Tips Nobody Told You About

As harsh as it may sound, it is pretty much safe to say that nowadays, if your business is not online, it basically does not exist. That is because most people go online, before choosing a product or a service. Essentially, no matter how small your business is, we strongly …

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Post Thumbnail of Five ways Sitejet makes building a website more efficient than ever before

With new website development solutions coming up more often than ever, web design has been made pretty straightforward. Optimizing the web design process for speed and quality are the biggest concerns of every professional web designer.…

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Post Thumbnail of 5 Critical Elements You Need to Know to Build a Genuinely Cool Website

After completing 2 or 3 multi-page websites building a one-pager will take no time at all. Or so you’ve been told. The problem is, whoever told you that never tried putting together a one-pager. Or, at least one that could be bragged about.

You’ll discover that cramming all the important …

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Post Thumbnail of 13 Easy Ways to Build a Small Business Website

More and more small businesses seek an online presence every day. They are opening up a wealth of opportunities for freelance web designers. The competition can be fierce, however. It’s not only other freelancers that want a piece of the action; larger website building teams do as well.

The fact …

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