Post Thumbnail of Usage of Geometric Shapes in Graphic Design

Shapes have to mean. A jagged line is going to be interpreted differently from a smooth curve. Similarly, squares are different from circles. And as shapes for an integral part of any web page, you’re going to design, it’s important that you know what those shapes communicate. Otherwise, your audience …

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Post Thumbnail of 25 Creative WPAP Art Portraits & Tutorials

Amazing collection of WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait) portrait Illustrations, by best WPAP artists and designers. WPAP Art is made using straight lines and sharp, vibrant, contrasting fills. The inspiring wpap art illustrations will surely mesmerize you and stir your imagination. I hope you will enjoy the WPAP examples and …

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Post Thumbnail of 150+ Free High-Res Low-Poly, Geometric and Polygonal Backgrounds

I hope you will enjoy my last two articles (low-poly tutorials and low-poly portrait illustrations) which was almost cover the latest and hottest trends in web and graphic design industry.…

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