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How to Utilize Web UI/UX Design to Improve Your Businesses

The phrases UI/UX are increasingly used in today’s environment that calls for creativity and technical know-how in order to be relevant. These are also used to describe all the ideas and specialties, which have been there even before the advent of abbreviated terminology.

What the Terms UI/UX Implies

These terms UI/UX aren’t just nomenclature and are creating problems as they are increasingly being used as buzzwords that are being used to wrongly describe situations that are entirely different in their nature- This creates a lot of unnecessary difficulties for an increasing professionals like job seekers, designers, specialists of product development. We need to understand the correct meaning of these terms, how to separate them their relationship as well as utilize them in a way that can benefit both disciplines.

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Main Purpose of Web Presence

The main purpose of using web presence is to tell your clients that you are there, if you are using a blog or a web site- you will ultimately want to communicate with your prospective clients that there’s a particular product that’s being sold, a service to be rendered or an even that’s happening- which can benefit them in some way, shape or form. Two main points to be kept in mind is the user experience or UX and the user interface UI. Both UI/UX are created when you have a certain level of awareness or distinction in you current niche and typical general trends incorporated in your sector in addition to constant changes in the discipline that is Web UI Design.

iPhone App UIUX Design Concept

Let’s Understand In Detail

To further illustrate this point, lets us take the example of a non- digital unit, something like a publication- put yourself in a situation when you have just written a book that focuses upon a certain ideology, which you wish to promote to you readers.  To go about this, your first initial step would have to be to ensure that the content you have is extremely well written, you may take the help of an accredited writer, who has a few best sellers under his/her name, to help you with details about how to write a book. Once you have found such a writer, you present to him/her information that you have and how it will be set in the final copy of your book. This is largely because it’s not just about exceptionally well written content that’s sufficient; it’s also about the presentation of the content that matters as well.

The next thing is to do a little bit of market research to find your segment of readers, their ages, and the kinds of trends that they follow and the authors and writers that you may have to compete with in order to reach your targeted subscribers with a book appeals to them. You need to locate the differentiating points in your information by dividing them into an index page and appendices towards the concluding part of the book. You need to find a good artist who can create an intriguing cover for your book as well as interior visuals to get your readers to buy your book from an array of alternatives in a book store. Maintain good relations with the retailer to promote what you have in store as part of you “coming soon” selection. This formula follows the simple formula of creating and developing a product, packaging it correctly and follow-up.

This example only covers print media, but the concept of arrangement and presentation of material, information, concepts and creative ideas can be applied to a large extent to web- based media as it is more dynamic and interactive. Since usability is essential to print media, imagine the possibilities you could achieve with an extremely user- friendly interface to package and create access to the information you want to present on your website.

Creative UI/UX Web Design Examples for Inspiration

UX (User Experience) is all those elements and factors related to the user’s interaction with a particular environment or device which generate a positive or negative perception of the product, brand or device. UX is subjective and focused on use.

The standard definition of UX is “a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service”.

Here is the some cool examples of Interaction Web Design, UI/UX. Enjoy

PayPal Android App UI design

Paypal UIUX Web App Design

LinkedIn Android App Re-design (Interaction Design, UI/UX)

Linked UIUX Web App Design

BBC Me concept  (Interaction Design, UI/UX)

BBC me Interactive Web Design UIUX Concept

Argo – One Page Portfolio (UI/UX, Web Design)

Argo - One Page Portfolio PSD Template

Clock UI/UX Concepts

Clock UI Concept

Google+ Redesigned Concept (Flat, UI/UX, Web Design)

Google+ Redesigned Concept

Portfolio iPhone App

Portfolio iPhone App
Portfolio iPhone App
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