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40 Beautiful Large Photo Background Website Designs

Web designing is digging into photography and digital arts. Creating large photo as a background is getting fashionable. Hence, by putting up an appealing and large photo you can for sure grab your audience notice. It talks a good deal about the website, in addition to the developers., The designers is able to create an impression, a color palette  and denote the matter and purpose of a website.

However, the texts, search engines and web contents are the most essential ingredients to consider for web designing. The key is typeface managing.

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Website Designs with Large Photo Background

Here are a few examples of large photo background website designs.

1. Pi’s Epic Journey: Creating the Unforgettable

SOAP worked with Fox Home Entertainment to create this stunning HTML5 parallax scrolling site, which takes a tour behind-the-scenes of how some of Life of Pi’s most amazing moments came.

Pi's Epic Journey: Creating the Unforgettable

2. Escape Flight

A smarter flight search service that has been specifically designed to inspire people in the big cities, who are looking for a last-minute, sunny getaway.

Escape Flight

3. Creative People

This is unique background that merely involves the content of this website.

Creative People

4. Medis

Medis is background picture that holds the sheer idea of the website which is prevailing.


5. Food Inc. Movie

The big cow on the background is very attention catching. It makes you want to read more about the site.

Food Inc. Movie

6. Rosebud corporate site

Rosebud agency’s corporate site with beautiful large photo background.

Rosebud corporate site

7. Satorisan

Satorisan is a footwear brand that sees things differently. Singular products showcased in an uncommon hybrid campaign & e-shop site.


8. Visit University of Coimbra

Established in 1290, it is one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world and the oldest university of Portugal.

Visit University of Coimbra

9. Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold is the high-end clothing & accessory line from Diesel. The site lets users explore the latest collections via a creative navigation concept.

Diesel Black Gold

10. Julliana Barros

The great photo background has a very good composition. Templates are positioned very well and the typography is just right.

Julliana Barros

11. Gavin Castleton

Gavin Castleton

12. Paul Smith Menswear

This layout as the name suggests appears stylish and cool. The photo background not only showcases their products but simultaneously it also makes the page look pleasant.

Paul Smith Menswear

13. Campanino Golf Club

The background itself makes golf aficionados and sportsperson thrilled of what they could obtain from this site.

Campanino Golf Club

14. USAY

Color format and template turn out well with this photo background. It comes with buttons and contexts which are appropriately placed.


15. MacAllan Ridge

The large cloudy background counterparts the template and suits the color scheme very well.

MacAllan Ridge

16. Bently Reserve

The well-built background is used to illustrate a lot about the basis of your site and the sort of service presented.

Bently Reserve

17. Old Loft

You will get that particular welcoming feel through this cool & colorful background.

Old Loft

18. Raven at Lora Bay

This layout will display the welcoming and comfy sense of the golf club. The picturesque view present on the background lured the viewers to visit and benefit from the facilities.

Raven at Lora Bay

19. DOJO

This background is pretty appealing and innovative as cool as the site is.


20. Alexarts

Alexarts is highly favored and great concept photo background. Moreover, the presence of added custom-made thought bubble buttons will surely going to impress you.


21. Upstruct

This one is simple yet bold. Gives you that strong impression about the site. The great color combination of color schemes and customized templates compliments everything.


22. Davida Int

Talking about being minimalist, this design makes the background completely pop out. They showcase their product and make it the center of attention without losing the texts on the side.

Davida Int

23. Coffee Surfing illy

Gabriele has been travelling all around the world as Couch Surfer. Now his journey will take him to meet new people telling new stories in front of a cup of coffee, on the pursuit of happiness….

Coffee Surfing illy

24. Fox Classics

Fox Classics

25. Ines Papert

This one is really striking. The angle of the photo background is remarkable & gave the layout a good view.

Ines Papert

26. Maurice Krijtenberg

Another one of those good flash backgrounds. This one however, is a very edgy serious aura.

Maurice Krijtenberg

27. Kirschner Brasil

Kirschner Brasil

28. Huit Denim

Huit denim have good photography background with right align navigation style.

Huit Denim

29. Display Creative

Display Creative

30. Black In History

Curating the names of influential Black Americans, past & present, and giving them the recognition they deserve. Because Black History is American History.

Black In History

31. Diesel 5 pockets male

ultranoir put the emphasis on the Denim products unique tailoring. The website revolves around diverting product pages, the jeans and the users are at the heart of the experience.

Diesel 5 pockets male

32. New Zealand Opera

Beautiful full screen photo background with minimal colors. The national opera company of New Zealand

New Zealand Opera

33. iuqo

iuqo is a digital production studio made by Anderson Barros and Izaias Cavalcanti, award winning interactive developers with a passion for emerging technologies. We create breakthrough experiences…


34. Barrel 2012 Recap

Barrel Recap 2012 highlights things that happened at Barrel, a digital agency in New York City.

Barrel 2012 Recap

35. Zipper Galeria

Asesome 3D typography full screen background with top menu just looks stunning.

Zipper Galeria

36. DIM

Charming and ambitious company – performs in fields of development, production and postproduction of all audiovisual works.


37. emploi New York

emploi New York is much more than a quality collection of beautiful and comfortable dresses – our goal is to let a woman feel fashionable, feminine and unique on her own terms.

emploi New York

38. The Kitchen Project

The Kitchen Project is an ongoing event hosted by Hi-ReS! in our studio, and invites a series of creatives to make a temporary piece of work on the chalkboard walls of our kitchen.

The Kitchen Project

39. welikesmall

welikesmall digital agency website with full screen slider photography background which just looks awesome.

40. Get Going Today

Inspired by cinemagraphs, BKWLD pushed the standard static inspirational quote to the next level. The voice of rebellion, relevancy, and inspiration was conveyed through the use of HTML5…

Get Going Today

The biggest reason behind using large backgrounds in web design is that they are known to make quite an impressive impact. They allow designers to play with the intensity of field or focus on such backgrounds, making them able to create more attention-grabbing and appealing websites. Furthermore, these backgrounds need not necessarily be photos – it could be some other type of huge image or even a video.

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