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Create a Website Without any Development Skills – Top 10 Website Builders That Rocks


Creating a site is no longer the hard and time consuming process it used to be ten years ago. With the fast evolution of the IT world, it’s actually a piece of cake. So easy that even a ten year old can do it. Either you’re familiar with the “what you see is what you get” web builders, or you can’t believe what you’re reading. I’m talking about site creating software that does not require coding, everything happens via an interface and the whole process is similar to image editing and takes literally minutes. Not only a boon for web designers, as they don’t need programmers anymore, but also for you, who might not even need web designers anymore. They have been around for some time, but today we can speak of a “peak” in the market, so let’s take a look at ten of the best code free website builders.

IM Creator

IMCreator web builder

IM Creator is an elaborate and at the same time slight web builder, putting importance on ease of use. The creative process can start without registration, and the top menu is very straightforward: you simply drag and drop the object you need on the dashboard. These include pictures, slideshows, videos, texts, all as easy as drag and drop widgets, all of them taking shape in real time. It even has a frame for HTML coding, for special finesse tweaks. You can either use templates of build your site from an empty canvas. The templates span the most varied domains, from business and real estate to arts, travel and entertainment. The customer service provides a FAQ section, a community forum and live chat support, with a team of designers at your disposal. A pdf guide and a video tutorial are also available for beginners, and what’s best is that all of it is free.


WebStartToday website builder

WebStartToday have made a specialization out of business sites. With over a thousand templates to match the most varied of domains, (limo rentals, plumbing services, dry cleaning, dentist cabinets, nail salons, law firms, etc.), you might think at some point everybody will have similar sites. Nothing could be more false. Their templates have a feature that enables you to change the dominating colors with a simple click. Creating the site takes very little time. After you are done with the design, all you have to do is put your text in the place of the demo text, and you’re done.


Cubender build website

Cubender is another site builder focused on virtual stores, but not only that. It’s very flexible and it combines accessibility with complexity. Its features include e-commerce, SEO optimization, mobile integration, and Google Analytics. It is not free, but you benefit from a 14 days trial and after your site is ready, you can buy a package. The prices are very convenient, especially with the features offered. They start at $9.95 per month.


Aircus Create Free Website

They say the simplest solution is often times the best. Aircus is a web builder that comes to prove that. With its courageous understanding of design and availability, Aircus is a site builder of the future, a pioneer in the direction of simplicity and speed. Focused on solutions for rushed customers and businessmen, it provides a few neat templates with simple lines and shapes and straightforward easy to read fonts. That doesn’t mean it lacks style. On the contrary. The most interesting feature is probably the universal accessibility: you can create a site from your phone or tablet, no matter where you are, in a matter of minutes.


Webydo WYIWYG website builder

Webydo is an advanced WYIWYG website builder that is made especially for designers who don’t have time or simply don’t know how to code. It’s the perfect solution for those professionals seeking a professional tool that they can use with their clients using the advanced CMS Webydo has to offer. There are thousands of designers that are using Webydo, and these same designers have helped to build Webydo as well. On the Participate page, designers can suggest and vote for new features to be developed. The top features will be sent straight to development and the designers can interact with the development team personally.

Creating an account is free. Start with a ready-made inspiration or with a blank canvas. As the designer – you’re in full control. The possibilities are endless


Ucoz build perfect website

uCoz is the perfect place to build a professionally-looking, functional website. It offers everything you need to create the website of your dream and go live in a matter of minutes. uCoz is primarily oriented on people without any programming experience: its CMS is maximally simplified and intuitive. Although its admin panel is very easy-to-use, uCoz has no shortage of advanced tools – even their completely free plan allows you to build a decent website.

The most outstanding characteristic of this platform is the system modularity: depending on your needs, you can expand your website functionality by adding, modifying and deleting relevant modules (Publisher, E-shop, Blog, Forum, Online Games, Polls, etc.). This is to say that on uCoz you can build a website of any complexity, be it a powerful web store or a simple portfolio. Good news is that you can check this yourself without any unwanted risks – they offer a feature-rich free plan that has no expiration date.


Website.com site creation

With Website.com site creation has never been easier. It provides many extra features not many web builders usually provide, such as free domain, personalized e-mail, no advertisement, SEO integration, stock photos, Google Analytics, and more. It offers three packages – starter, professional and managed, priced at $4.95, $8.95 and $29.95 monthly. However, each package must be acquired for at least one year. The last package provides professional assistance and maintenance once a month.


Webzai web builder

Webzai is another web builder that has taken steps towards the tablet/phone domain, providing templates for both of them. The builder itself is very accessible and intuitive, whether you are building everything from scratch of use templates. Other features include cloud hosting, SEO optimization, Google Analytics, custom domain service, and cross platform compatibility, which becomes more and more a necessity, with so many different web browsers we have today.


Wix First Web Builder

You might have heard of Wix, as it has been among the first web builders of this kind. It’s stylish and not only user friendly, but beginner friendly: after choosing a domain it automatically matches and recommends templates. It also has unlimited trial, which means there’s no rush. After you’re done with your site, regardless of how long it takes, you can move on to publishing, which is when you choose a plan.


MadeFreshly online stores builder

MadeFreshly specializes in online stores and is very straightforward and user friendly. It welcomes you with your own virtual shelves, where you add your products right away, without registration. After that, you customize your site. There aren’t many templates, but they are well designed and also free. Templates for mobile, Google Analytics, promotion services are also available. You can also have your own custom domain name. The free package is limited to three pages per site and only one picture per product, but the other packages are not expensive: They are priced at $11.99, $19.99 and $34.99 respectively.

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