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User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Skills

There are two types of designs that are very important in order for the website, app, software or a computer program to work. User Interface Design and User Experience Design are very important for the success of the product on offering. Nowadays both user experience designing as well user interface designing has attracted a large number of people and you can find really talented individuals in this field of work today. These two sub fields of design sometimes overlap but fundamentally their purpose and skills required for the two are quite different from each other. The following are details of skills required for both types of design.

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User Experience Design Skills

User Experience Design Skills

A user experience designer needs to create a design according to the product idea and the customer’s needs regarding the product. To be a good User Experience Designer the designer needs to have the following skill sets:

  • Firstly the designer must have the core skills that qualify the designer to become a UX designer. This includes complete knowledge of user experience design and information architecture. Information architecture refers to the usability aspect of the design. The Designer must be able to understand the interaction of customers or users with the product.
  • A UX designer must also have other skills like UCD- User Centered Design knowledge, knowledge about user testing, interaction design, navigation design and visual design and accessibility. The UX designer must also have an overall knowledge of web design and web development including internet marketing.
  • Also the UX designer must possess skills in business, skills in communication and interactions with business associates.
  • Moreover the UX designer must have the ability to understand customers and what they want in their products. Analyzing behavior patterns and feedback from customers and implementing the feedback and data received from the target audiences into the UX design is a key skill needed in a user experience designer.

User Interface Design Skill

User Interface Design Skill

User Interface Designer helps set up the design of the product so that it is easy to use and yet appealing to the user. The following are some of the skills that are essential in a good User Interface Designer.

  • The UI Designer has to have basic UI design skills and need to know both the design sides as well as the technical sides of design. User Interface Design has elements of both graphical design, user experience design and application development.
  • The User Interface developer must have the knowledge of front end software tools like HTML, CSS and JS (Java Script). Also knowledge of photoshop, graphical design and the ability to write a code is essential in User Interface (UI) design.
  • The User interface designer needs to have the capability to use the UX designs and develop a user interface that is a balance between technical functionality and visual elements.
  • The key job here is to understand what the user wants and create a design that accommodates all the technical functions of the product along with making the product easy to use.
  • UI Design is a dynamic field of design. This field is seeing new innovations and techniques and new methods to create UI design every now and then. The UI designer must be able to adapt to change.
  • UI designers must be able to create clear and useful designs that can be implemented easily.


Both User Experience Design and User Interface Design are very important for the end product to be appealing to the target audiences. The above skills are required in good UX and UI designers for them to create designs suitable for the client as well as the end customers.

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