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24% Discount on Black Friday: Create Fantastic Online Portfolios with Portfoliobox

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How would you like to set up a beautiful portfolio website single-handedly? Portfoliobox is the first online platform that meets designers’ high expectations, by providing them with sophisticated but practical tools that appeal to professionals, at a cost that defies the market. 

Black Friday deal

First and foremost, get started with a FREE or with a PRO account. Black Friday heralds an extremely attractive deal: if you choose to activate the annual PRO plan right now, you pay 24% less than the standard price assigned to it any other time of the year. If you go PRO, Portfoliobox gives you free web hosting, free and around-the-clock technical support, the chance to publish the website as part of you own domain, access to all existing templates, one email address, the possibility to set up 1000+ pages and store 1000+ portfolio images, and you can share archives and files in many formats. A free membership only gives you a taste of that: access to all PRO templates just for the first 30 days, and the ability to upload no more than 40 images.

Regardless of whether you signed up for FREE or turn PRO, the admin panel that greets you is fully equipped with everything that Portfoliobox has to offer. Once you’ve made the acquaintance of this masterfully designed user interface, it’s only a matter of seconds before you get the hang of it. Set up a start page, then work on your category pages, menus, galleries, and so on, and so forth. Portfoliobox is particularly keen on giving its users as much freedom of expression as possible, so you can handle the themes for each page like LEGO: no need to stick to one layout until the very end – you can have one gallery ordered in a horizontal line, and the next in thumbnails.

Besides, the text editor for your text pages has options like maps, videos, and form builder, which makes it cutting-edge according to today’s industry standards. Notwithstanding the wonderful design and CMS features, it’s definitely worth mentioning that you can configure your online store even as a free user and you may also employ the built-in newsletter system to send professional newsletters.

All in all, the reasons to create an online portfolio with the help of Portfoliobox are manifold. Check out these awesome websites that have been assembled on this platform, and think about the outstanding results that you could also reap by taking on the one-time offer!

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