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Importance of Cloud Storage for Designers

Safe to store

A designer may come up with a lot of cool deigns. Most often such designs require a high storage capacity. A DDR is not always the safest bet to take if you plan on storing some data for which you have put in a lot of hard work. A DDR runs the risk of getting damaged easily. A hard disk runs the risk of crashing easily in case the device falls down or it suffers a sudden power fluctuation. Whereas, the cloud cannot be damaged easily and hence is a much safer option to store such data.

Cloud storage safe to store and easy to share

Easy to share

Data from the cloud can be accessed by anybody around the world. There is no requirement to send the data through some USB device or other storage devices. Thus it becomes very easy to share with people all around the world. This also means that a lot of people can see and appreciate your work. With the growth of social media it is easier to promote your designs and get more people to like it. Thanks to social media a lot of people get to know you and your work.

Work from anywhere

There is a belief that creative people do not simply sit in one place and work. If a person has come up with a new piece of work then he could easily upload hi work and save it in the cloud. It gives easy access and easy work. The cloud allows you to work from office, home or anywhere in the world.

What are the best clouds based apps suitable for designers?

Best clouds apps for designers

  • Morph olio– Here there is an entire community of designers where you can share opinions and work for a better project. It allows the user to work on images and create a library as well. It is one of the best apps as per the ABC News.
  • Colorzilla- It works only with the Mozilla fire fox. However, it isn’t a bad deal as you would not have to shed out cash for this app. The best feature about this it can copy any colour from any website and give RGB value to it. It is like a copy and paste mechanism for colours.
  • Slide Share- The basic services of this app would not require any charges but if you wish to use the advanced settings then a monthly rent is payable. It is capable of being used like a power point presentation but it has much more versatility. Firstly it can be viewed by a number of people at the same time. Secondly its slides are capable of being searched by online browsers.
  • Evernote- Although a limited free space is provided every month, it still is a favourite to many as it is a digital scrap book. From bookmarking sites, to noting down URL’s this site can do it all.
  • Adobe creative cloud- Perhaps the most preferred app for anybody related to designs. It costs almost $50 per month. It allows one to get access to all the latest Adobe products. It has a number of solutions to all the designing problems.

 Some Cheap cloud storage option

Some Cheap cloud storage option

If you are not keen on using apps, then the regular cloud storage options would be:

  • Mozy– Allows up to 2GB storage space for free. However you may store up to 50GB for about $10 a month.
  • Microsoft OneDrive– It is always a preferred and reliable choice by users. Here too there is a storage space for 2GB but again $10 could allow storage between 20GB to a 100GB.
  • Google drive– Perhaps it has something for everybody. An entail free space of 30GB and further and the line ends at about $800 where 200TB can be stored. Whether you have a budget or not, Google seems to have it for you.
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