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The Truth about
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If you’re not a graphic designer and you’re not about to take a course in web design, is exactly what you need to get your website together. is a service where you can literally drag and drop a site together. They also provide great web hosting and help with online marketing. Going over Web review give the impression that this is the ultimate solution for everyone, but is this so? Let’s look closer at the main features of the service to determine who will benefit the most from it.

Getting Started with is an easy breeze for both the experienced site builder and the rookie online business owner. The structure of the site is as user friendly as it gets. By clicking on the Get Started button you begin the simple and fun web design process. The process registers your domain and gives you three options for a website. Either a basic website, a website and online marketing, or marketing and an online store.

Although some beginners might prefer a free trial version, is so clear cut with their packages and information that most users will be able get their site up quickly without any need for trials.

Pricing pricing is very attractive. A basic package starts at $1.95 a month. This is a great choice for the individual who is just starting out as it includes a free domain name as well. When a costumer decides to move on to website and online marketing the price still stays reasonable at just $3.95 a month. This price includes a complete package of website, marketing, and web store. Reviews of express the advantage of these package deals, in how affordable and comprehensive they are. This makes the service suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced web suite builders.

Creating a Webpage

In order to create a webpage with Web you simply chose one of their many templates. Then by utilizing their drag and drop tool you can change texts, graphic elements, and other features in order to create the perfect personal page. The stock images archive is there for you to choose from a huge variety of high quality images for your site. The web site builder tool is intuitive and very easy to use. For beginners this is a gem. Some do feel that the templates offered aren’t varied enough for creating a webpage. However, an advantage to this is that virtually anyone can build a basic website in a record fifteen minutes. That can be amazing and useful to beginners.

The Results

In terms of results the private person’s results and a company’s results need to be looked at separately as their goals and targets are very different. A private person might be trying to run a successful blog and a company might be working to brand themselves online. offers the flexibility necessary to cater to their many different clients and this can be seen in the results. If you need help with online marketing, posting content on Facebook, and pay per click marketing, has the experience and the professionals there to lead you in the right direction. They provide online visibility reports so that you can follow your site’s progress and also see the results of your marketing efforts. If your goal is simply to build a nice looking site that is easy to run then you will be able to do this with’s basic package. The variety of their services, the option of adding features, and the extra help they offer makes a great choice for those who are looking for results within a budget.


The truth about is that it is a well-rounded website building service which appeals to the experienced and to the beginner. Their only downside is their lack in flexibility regarding design template offers where a professional web designer might feel a bit shorthanded.

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