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26 Awe-Inspiring Branding, Visual Identity and Logo Design Examples


Another beautifully designed branding and visual identity examples from inspiration. Business identity can be most valuable asset for any company or brand. Corporate branding is what sets your business apart from your competitors. Business card, compliment slip, envelop and letterhead is the key elements of creative branding.

We are already showcased lots of business logo design and business cards that will help you to spark creative ideas for your branding or visual identity projects. Today we’ve shared hand-picked examples of branding, visual identity and logo design created by professional designers and graphic design agencies.

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Inspiring Branding & Stationery Designs for Inspiration

Hand-picked collection of branding, visual identity and stationery designs for your inspiration. All examples are simply amazing. Enjoy!

Softsuit Branding by Origin Studio

Softsuit provide Software development and local IT Support services for small to medium size businesses. Its established since 2002. During the past 11 years, they have developed software for well known companies. Softsuit is one of the more trustworthy companies for mobile applications too. Design for a branding of Softusit, an Aussie consulting company. Logo and visual style design.

Softsuit Brand Logo Design
Softsuit Stationery Design


HiTech Center Branding & Website by Expressa Design

Brand creation and website for specialized technical assistance in all Apple line. The company also operates in concert areas smartphones, tablets, computers, notebooks and mounting corporate and home networks.

HiTech Center Brand Logo Design
HiTech Center Business Card Design
HiTech Center Stationery Design


Estudio Aaron Moya Branding by Aaron Moya

Aaron Moya study is a new studio dedicated to design and visual arts. Aaron Moya® study was commissioned to design the corporate identity of the new and young design studio. The objective was to create an identity that allows Aaron Moya study done in a place and position as a reference in its market.

Aaron Moya Brand Logo Design
Aaron Moya Business Card Design
Aaron Moya Stationery Design


Dialetico Branding by Thiago Amaral

Dialetico Brand Logo Design
Dialetico Business Card Design
Dialetico Stationery Design


Przemyskie Juwenalia 2015 Branding Identity by Juliusz Bachta

Branding for the students festival in Przemysl. Visual identification for Przemy?l Juwenalia, organized by the National Academy of East European in Przemysl.

Przemyskie Juwenalia Brand Logo Design
Przemyskie Juwenalia Stationery Design


Bias – A Brunel University based research institute Branding by Ali Sheikh

To Design visual identity for Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies Visual Identity Includes: – Logo + Business Card/Letterhead + Web Page + app concept

Bias Brand Logo Design
Bias Business Card Design
Bias Stationery Design


Love Locks Studios – Branding and Visual Identity by Balaji Kannan

Love lock studios wants to refresh their brand. My goal was to create a brand that stands out amongst the other photographers while elevating and respecting the work. I have created the color palette which shows off the photography in a clean and classic way.

Love Locks Studios Brand Logo Design
Love Locks Studios Business Card Design
Love Locks Studios Stationery Design


Grupo Giovanoni Visual Identity by Murilo Pereira

Grupo Giovanoni is a consulting business company based in Lajeado, Brazil. Its logo drew inspiration from family shields to convey strength, tradition and safety. The main colors of the brand are, dark grey and orange, they were choosen to transmit class and vitality.

Grupo Giovanoni Brand Logo Design
Grupo Giovanoni Business Card Design
Grupo Giovanoni Stationery Design


E.J.I. Branding by Miguel Cabrera

E.J.I. Brand Logo Design
E.J.I. Business Card Design
E.J.I. Stationery Design


Pantea Branding by Esteban Oliva

Pantea Brand Logo Design
Pantea Brochure Design


Personal Branding by Valeria Vollery

Personal Brand Logo Design
Personal Business Card Design
Personal Stationery Design


ToGether Branding by AD perspective

Concept Design and branding for an event.

ToGether Brand Logo Design
ToGether Business Card Design
ToGether Stationery Design


HANCUBO – Personal Identity by Fabrizio Maraner

HANCUBO Brand Logo Design
HANCUBO Stationery Design


Mubader Corporate Identity by Brandin’ You

Mubader Branding Mubader is an event management company in United Arab Emirates. The logo had to be in both language Arabic and English as the company audience are not only Emirates. The brand design incorporated two colors, gold and turquoise. Turquoise was chosen as it’s equally popular with men and women, and was used to reveal emotional healing and refreshing sense as Mubader mainly arrange for events that create job opportunities, courses, and self-development events. Also, the gold color was chosen as it mirrors the prestige and credibility.

Mubader Brand Logo Design
Mubader Business Card Design
Mubader Stationery Design


Compass Building Branding Identity by Aly Bassam

Quality construction and building team. This company employs only the highest skilled, qualified, and fully insured tradespeople. This statement is reflected in all the work that our experienced team can do, from minor building repairs and maintenance to the larger more complicated ground up construction projects. We provide peace of mind to all our valued clients by completing your project on time and within budget.

Compass Building Brand Logo Design
Compass Building Business Card Design
Compass Building Stationery Design


Personal branding by Giuseppe Barbera

Personal Brand Logo Design
Personal Business Card Design
Personal Stationery Design


Campelo Branding by Arturo Hernandez

The trajectory and professionalism of this pharmacy located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) has allowed the expansion of its services to create a health group which covers different areas: pharmacy, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and aesthetics. In order to provide effective coverage to this new situation, a redesign of its identity has been proposed. It prioritises respect to its original values, geographical location, regional products linked to health and transmitting the notion of a group empowered by the independency and personality of all of their main areas.

Campelo Brand Logo Design
Campelo Business Card Design
Campelo Stationery Design


Trade Tran Hung Branding by Danh Chau

Trade Tran Hung Brand Logo Design
Trade Tran Hung Stationery Design


Store Gems & Jewelry Visual Identity by Kirill Buynitsky

Store Gems & Jewelry Brand Logo Design
Store Gems & Jewelry Business Card Design
Store Gems & Jewelry Stationery Design


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