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Top Reddit Residual Business Income Ideas and Opportunities in 2019


We all struggle for better living but very few attain that lifestyle due to their effort. Worth it right? Putting endless efforts in the wrong direction may result in a longer time frame to achieve what you are looking for but if you start analyzing and putting your head in the right direction you will start observing the results. Journalreview – reddit best residual income ideas and opportunities in 2019 provide you a handbook by which you can invest in many passive businesses and make more money in less time.

Reddit Best Residual Income Ideas:

Best Residual Income Ideas

If you have ever thought of obtaining residual income but you couldn’t start your business because of short capital well here are few journalreview – reddit best residual income ideas and opportunities that will keep you going.



A video blog or a video blog, normally shortened to vlog is a type of blog for which the designated medium is video plus it also relates to web television. Here a question arises, how much one can earn by vlogging? Well if we talk precisely about vlog videos uploaded on YouTube earn $1 to $5 per 1000 views approximately.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Many of you are familiar with marketing, affiliate marketing Is not much different it is a type of marketing which is performance-based in this type of marketing, business rewards one or more than one affiliates for each customer or even visitor brought by the affiliate’s own marketing talent. If you are still confused whether you can earn from affiliate marketing or not well the answer is yes affiliate projects can earn extra money and even it surprises you as a full-time income from home.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a gadget by which you can rank your site, videos or local listings on top that it is mostly viewed and more people get aware of your product. Mostly all major search engines generally used such as Yahoo, Bing and Google show primary search results where videos and web pages are shown they are based on ranking by search engines.

Forex trading:

Forex trading

Another way is Forex trading for those who are not aware of Forex trading will explain briefly it works by simultaneously buying one currency while selling others. If you have bought a currency which in the future is going to be raised it will allow you to close your position for a profit. Forex trading can give you cash back up to $20,000. If you risk your $3,000 then the chances are high that you can make $60,000 per annum. Similarly, the greater the risk greater will be the amount earned.

Online store:

Online store

Are you an internet person? If yes then here is an opportunity for you to earn with joy. Providing a platform to new or developed businesses for sale which in return benefits you this type of business is authorized as mutualism which is a benefit for both. People these days are too busy that they even cannot take time for themselves so they spend their leisure time online where they could do shop online.

Digital media platform:

Digital media platform

As compared to old-time media has gained power and glamour to attract clients and provide them ease regarding everything. Use of media in adults has increased from 5% during the last three years. Digital marketing encompasses marketing efforts that utilize electronic medium or the internet. Digital channels have been introduced such as search engines, email, social media and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Tasks assigned to digital marketers are brand recognition and lead generation through all the digital channels. These channels include the company’s own website, email, search engine ranking, and the company’s blog.


We are living in this world where time is running with the speed of light to cope up with the changes certain mediums introduced everyone is striving for a better living but you cannot earn a better living from just one business you need to engage yourself with many others. Journalreview – reddit best residual income ideas is a great guide to utilize your mental efforts by providing you with ideas that you can work from anywhere with any hurdle.

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