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How Pop Up Banners Benefit Your eLearning Business?

Are you aware of the new marketing channel for elearning businesses? It’s the pop up banners which appear suddenly in the foreground of a visual interface interrupting the user with a promotional message. How keen are you to incorporate these into your business? We bet, not until you’re aware of the benefits extended by it. So, for your sake, we have mentioned below how pop up banners are beneficial for your elearning business. Read on to find out!

Boost traffic for your target pages

Boost traffic for your target pages

What’s the purpose of a landing page if there are no visitors? For increasing the traffic of your desired web page and diverting quality traffic to it, popup banners have been proven helpful. Used by most marketers, these ads have helped drive visitors towards different web pages. All you need to do is separate your top-performing pages from the ones that are low-performing, set up an actionable popup, and you’re good to go!

Widen your email list

Widen your email subscribers list

While long email marketing has remained a trusted and preferred digital technique for reaching out to prospects and shall continue to dominate in the near future as well, building an email list for email marketing is a tedious task and has always freaked out the marketers. So, how do you make sure to constantly build your email list? Well, popup banner ads are here to the rescue! These conveniently capture the email address of your target audience and prospects and is considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Generate more leads and revenue

Generate more leads and revenue

Undoubtedly, the above stated benefits count a lot, but what’s more than generating leads and increase in revenue! The purpose and ultimate goal of every business are to drive more sales. And, with popup banner ads, you can take it to a different level altogether. Design actionable popups which are well aligned with your sales goals, and you get just another step closer to generating that lead. Moreover, with these banner ads, you can also drive engagement and get more ebook downloads, more guests for your elearning event and more audience for your webinar.

Reduce bounce rates and decrease cart abandonment

Reduce bounce rates

While you’re satisfied when you observe your prospects adding your products to cart and making a purchase, no sooner it turns out they just abandoned it then and there. We understand how much this bothers you! Well,  in this case, popup banners are a saving grace! These are targeted towards users revisiting your website and reminding them of the products they left in their carts. Moreover, it is also an effective way to reduce bounce rates as claimed by most marketers. Right when your visitor is planning to bounce off your web page to some other page, make your popup banner ads appear. Make them intriguing enough to retain your audience.

The final word

Now that you’re aware of the numerous benefits extended by popup banner ads for elearning businesses, don’t think twice before incorporating them into your marketing strategies. When implemented correctly, it shall work wonders! And, if you’re wondering how you can include them as a part of your marketing efforts, you can refer to this ultimate guide to elearning popup banners. Get started today!

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