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Web Design: 50 Creative Website Designs Examples from 2020

Check out the beautiful designs of websites with amazing UI and UX. Award-winning websites created by professional web designers and web design agencies from all over the web. In this website design gallery we are gathered 50 creative website design examples for your inspiration. If you are a web designer or website developer and you are looking for creative website designed, you might want to look into the 2020 design trends and also in this article we are gathered thirty five modern websites with amazing UIUX design. Read through our article to find a list of the newest web design practices and developments – everything from shapes, fonts, colors, layout, and features.

GDJ is the best place for Website Design Inspiration. Here you can discover the fresh and creative website designs of the world. In this huge list  award winning websites design by web designers, web design agencies and entrepreneurs.

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Creative Website Design Examples From 2020

Becoming a UI/UX designer is no easy feat. Developing UX design calls for research into the customer’s persona and goals when visiting a website. This designer is required to plan the user journey from the moment they access the website to the moment they leave it. To ensure that customers don’t leave a site midway, a UI/UX designer works to make the design efficient enough to allow website visitors to easily meet their goals while making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Inspire yourself with professionally designed websites. In this web design showcase, we’re picked up 50 examples of modern Web UI Designs with Amazing UX. You may read: 10 Important Rules to Make Creative Website Design.

Geex Arts – Website Design

Geex Arts is an award-winning?? design and web development company that provides consultancy and concept-to-market support for digital products.

Geex Arts - Website Design - 1

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FIL – SUMI LIMITED – Website Design

MASS Series “SUMI LIMITED” was designed to bring awareness and understanding about Noyaki.

FIL - SUMI LIMITED - Website Design - 2

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Waka Waka – Website Design

Waka Waka, The Full Collection. Shin Okuda’s selected works of hand-craft wood furniture & functional objects.

Waka Waka - Website Design - 3

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Voice of Racism – Website Design

Voice of Racism challenges anyone to put themselves in the shoes of someone on the receiving end of racism, and to feel the cumulative burden of consistent micro-aggressions.

Voice of Racism - Website Design - 4

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Synchronized Studio – Website Design

Full-service creative studio crafting unparalleled digital experiences that bring strategic value and make our partners’ businesses thrive.

Synchronized Studio - Website Design - 5

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Tela9 – Website Design

TELA is equivalent to a new project as the concept of a book to a writer, as well as a canvas to a painter.

Tela9 - Website Design - 6

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Sweet Punk – Website Design

New website of Sweet Punk, a French creative agency which encourages audacious brands to surpass themselves through singular, digital and universal identities and ideas.

Sweet Punk - Website Design - 7

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Radiant Studios – Website Design

Radiant studios is a video production company focusing on building empathy and inspire conversation through entertainment and storytelling.

Radiant Studios - Website Design - 8

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Cartier Watchmaking Encounters – Website Design

Cartier’s 2020 Watches collection for Pasha, the launch of the Maillon, Santos-Dumont and the rebirth of the Tank Asymétrique for the digital Watches and Wonders Geneva Exhibition.

Cartier Watchmaking Encounters - Website Design - 9

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Off Season – Website Design

Off Season - Website Design - 10

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Karina Sirqueira Portfolio – Website Design

Minimal and objective. Just a simple way to learn about me as a designer and experience some of my most recent projects.

Karina Sirqueira Portfolio - 11

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The Outpost – Website Design

A digital experience for The Outpost, a VFX and animation studio. With endless possibilities, reality and realism blend together.

The Outpost - Website Design - 12

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Story Line – Website Design

Story Line - Website Design - 13

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VideoAmp – Website Design

VideoAmp’s new website is a visual representation of the company’s mission to challenge paradigms, and their position as an AdTech leader that delivers high-quality data to advertisers.

VideoAmp - Website Design - 14

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Portfolio of Eliot BESSON

Portfolio of Eliot BESSON - 15

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Arkade Blaster – Website Design

Arkade Blaster - Website Design - 16

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Silver Oak – Website Design

Introducing the new SilverOak.com. A digital platform that is as timeless as the iconic wine brand—celebrating rich tradition, family values, and innovative culture.

Silver Oak - Website Design - 17

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Vazquez – Website Design

Vazquez - Website Design - 18

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Fleava Digital Agency – Website Design

We transform the way people interact with Brands, create data-driven memorable campaigns, and move the Digital industry forward.

Fleava Digital Agency - 19

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Glamora – Website Design

Glamora - Website Design - 20

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MoreMilk – Website Design

MoreMilk - Website Design - 21

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Vredestein New Horizons – Website Design

Vredestein New Horizons - Website Design - 22

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Famiglia Olivini – Website Design

Famiglia Olivini is a family winery producing a careful selection of fine wines. Nothing is constant in wine growing and enology: wines change, that’s why they are unique.

Famiglia Olivini - 23

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Golden Suisse – Website Design

Golden Suisse - Website Design - 24

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Embacy Coin – Website Design

We issue Emb Coin to reward friendly referrals with our handcrafted tokens. 1 EMB = 5-day design sprint.

Embacy Coin - Website Design - 25

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Worthy – Website Design

Worthy - Website Desig - 26

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Grant Burke – Website Design

Located in Ottawa, we are a top level graphic design and branding studio focused on helping our clients exceed their goals. Let us make your life easier!

Grant Burke - Website Design - 27

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Vide Infra – Website Design

Vide Infra - Website Design - 28

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We Are Buro – Website Design

We are a leading digital branding agency who believes that good work has a positive impact on your business. Blah, blah, blah.

We Are Buro - Website Design - 29

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Jacob McKee Colorist – Website Design

Jacob McKee Colorist - Website Design - 30

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Makemepulse – Website Design

Makemepulse is a global interactive production studio. We turn aesthetics into experiences. Light-as-air tech with purpose.

Makemepulse - Website Design - 31

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Cuberto – Website Design

Leading digital agency with solid design and development expertise. We build readymade websites, mobile applications, and elaborate online business services.

Cuberto - Website Design - 32

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PBSCR – Website Design

PBSCR - Website Design - 33

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Maersk Disconnected – Website Design

Exploring new ways of connecting customers to physical and digital supply chains. Fully committed to going above and beyond for the future of logistics and innovation.

Maersk Disconnected - Website Design - 34

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Anastasiia Afanasieva – Website Design

Site for the Ukrainian interior designer and 3D visualizer who cares about beauty, modern technologies and materials in interior design – Anastasiia Afanasieva.

Anastasiia Afanasieva - Website Design - 35

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Nesh – The Smart Assistant – Website Design

Advanced Technology that brings joy to customers. We are a Artificial Intelligence company that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Nesh - The Smart Assistant - Website Design - 36

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Next Big Thing – Website Design

Next Big Thing is the only venture studio that focuses on supporting the entire lifecycle of new ventures.

Next Big Thing - Website Design - 37

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Securing Space – Website Design

Project “Securing Space” by Kaspersky was created in an effort to raise awareness about the problem of space debris and to identify solutions for securing space for future generations.

Securing Space - Website Design - 38

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Altrüus Gifting Made Social – Website Design

Altrüus is an experiential gifting platform that builds positive emotional experiences around brands. Having created the platform and app, we made a website to present the product.

Altrüus Gifting Made Social - Website Design - 39

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Almost There – Website Design

We invite you into a circular journey where while politics and emotions collide, our physical movements cross over with our consciousness.

Almost There - Website Design - 40

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Patrick David Creative Studio – Website Design

Patrick David Creative Studio - Website Design - 41

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Abstract Digital – Website Design

Abstract Digital is a digital product design agency with expertise in facilitating design sprints to help startups and businesses with product strategy and innovation.

Abstract Digital - Website Design - 42

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Streamline UX – Website Design

Streamline UX - Website Design - 43

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B4Motion – Website Design

B4Motion - Website Design - 44

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MILL3 STUDIO – Website Design

MILL3 is a Montreal-based creative agency that focuses on the strategy, design and development of digital products.

MILL3 STUDIO - Website Design - 45

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Creative Dreams Design – Website Design

Creative Dreams Design - 46

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Rémi Clauss | Portfolio – Website Design

UX freelance designer, I create in Lyon and Paris. Passionate about all forms design with a strong taste for new technologies.

Rémi Clauss | Portfolio - Website Design - 47

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kukla 3d icon kit – Website Design

Huge pack of 3D elements accessible directly from Figma. Great for websites, presentations and applications.

kukla 3d icon kit - Website Design - 48

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Soda Studios LTD – Website Design

Soda Studios LTD - Website Design - 49

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