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Visual LANSA – An Application Development Software

Visual LANSA by LANSA is an authentic, low-code integrated development environment (IDE). A low code is a type of software development method that requires minimum to no coding to build processes and applications. Visual LANSA is a simple, upper-level programming language that is used to develop web, mobile, and desktop applications. This software allows companies to adopt the new technology wave with an integrated IDE, metadata repository, and a strong business engine to improve their development process. It employs a single language Integrated Development Environment to simplify web development from the beginning to implementation.

Review of Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA is a simple application development software. It removes the difficulties of modern techniques like XML and Java and allows businesses to achieve their goals in the simplest way. Also, it secures your development ideas against the continuously developing technology standards such as form factor, operating system, securities, scalability, etc.

It allows the developer to build applications faster than ever before and improves the productivity of the developer so they can meet with their deadlines and satisfy their customers. Also, it allows the developer to work on any part of the application and delivers the applications rapidly without having to increase the number of workers working on the software and reduce the need to employ specialized teams.

It digitally converts your paper-based and manual work into mobile, web, desktop and cloud applications for increased efficiency, data accuracy and productivity. It reduces the IT cost and enhance the bottom line by mobile enabling the aspects of your business that requires remote retrieval of business-critical information.

The flexibility to deploy to Windows server, IBM I, or take the applications to cloud at any time for improved dexterity and adaptability. It improves the availability while reducing operational costs.

LANSA Platform

Moreover, the framework of the visual LANSA gives the developers access to the feature of search filters, such as company-oriented business details, a complete list of the employees in a company, payable bills, and other actions and properties that can be easily sought out. It is not only used to assemble applications but also to make a prototype of software so that the developers can easily find the flaws on their builds and correct them before delivering them to the global market. It is also used to design application prototypes to determine how their application will perform before the programmers write the strings of codes.

Key Features of Visual LANSA

  • Support Data Base Management System.
  • Client partitioning.
  • Multilingual and Double Byte Character Set.
  • Deployment Platforms.
  • Integrated Microsoft C++/C Compiler.
  • Versatile Usage.
  • Component-Based Object-oriented Development.
  • Modern Visual Development.
  • Develops mobile supplication that performs like web applications.
  • SQL support.
  • Software prototyping.

Advantages of Visual LANSA

The main advantage of Visual LANSA is that it is easy to understand and requires minimum coding. It has tools that ensure the rapid development of upper-class web, mobile, and desktop applications.

It is an Integrated Development Environment software that is easy to use. This software allows a developer to code one-time and propel their application to numerous operating systems and the mobile and web. It focuses on rapid development while ensuring that the ideas that development teams come up with are company-level. It has a fast-developing and maintained language and a mechanized business rules engine.

For the development of the mobile application, Visual LANSA eliminates the use for complex developmental processes and tools. It provides the developer with the tools necessary to build and publish a high-level mobile application that works both online and offline.

Moreover, visual LANSA offers flexibility for the development of web applications. So, the senior developers can use time as a strength to deliver applications more rapidly while making sure that the juniors are learning.

It supports web based, android, iOS and desktop applications.


  • Versatile usage- it can be used on multiple platforms.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to understand.
  • User friendly IDE.
  • It helps with both existing and new applications.
  • Satisfies business and user needs.
  • Low code development software.


  • Does not have much presence online to solve a problem.
  • Training is needed to operate the software.
  • The IDE can get a bit slow sometimes.
  • Debugger is behind competition.

Pricing of Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA
Development within the browser
Transform 5250 apps into browser-based without changing source code
Incorporate Microsoft or Google Material Design style user interfaces
Integrates within the IDE
One tool, one skill set for complete modernization web/mobile/desktop
Integrated Business Rules Engine- existing and new apps share rules and enforcements
Deploy app to any platform without modification- on-premise, cloud or hybrid
Directly integrate with objects in cloud, on-premise, local device, server or workstation
Incremental modernization support- Integrate modern and legacy 5250 apps
Development $563
Production $300
Developers 1
Number of end users Unlimited
Applications Unlimited
Number of Environments Unlimited
Pricing based per month for IBM i P05, 1 LPAR
  • The IBM i license for P05 is $2,995. While for p10 is $14,995 and p20 is $44,000.
  • There are no subscription charges on the Trial version. It includes one environment and allows 10 concurrent users only.
  • The subscription charges of the entry tier are $16.66 per user per month. It includes three environments 1 build, 1 test, and 1 production and allows up to 100 concurrent users.
  • Whereas, the subscription charges of the mid-tier are $13.34 per user per month. It includes 4 environment 1 build, 1 test, and 2 production and allows up to 250 concurrent users.
  • The enterprise level subscription charges are $8.34 per user per month. It includes 6 environments 1 built, 2 test and 3 production and allows up to 1000 users.


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