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Where to find free vibrant background wallpaper videos

Videvo is a go-to destination for free and Premium stock assets, including videos, motion graphics, video editing templates, and audio. As this article title indicates, among the thousands of videos you will find, there are dozens that can be used as animated wallpaper videos for your digital projects. The fact that many of these assets are royalty free means that you will be able to add a touch of life and animation to your content without worrying about licenses, and also without breaking the bank.

Main Features of Videvo:

The Videvo library contains 18,000+ stock video clips, with the total number of stock assets amounting to 500,000+. Assets come under in threet types of licensing: the Videvo Attribution License, Creative Commons 3.0, as well as Royalty Free licensing. Videvo is also a trilingual website, which includes versions fully offered in English, Spanish and German. In addition to the free content, there are also a few Premium subscription plans. All these plans are payable through monthly or yearly billing. These plans vastly expand the asset selection, and they guarantee Royalty Free licensing for all your downloads. Yearly subscription plans are the best value, as they save 20% of your monthly payments.  Moreover, a yearly subscription enables you to access unlimited premium downloads.

The free content, Paired with the affordability of the Premium plans offered,  makes this website ideal for your content creation needs. You will not be any hassles with licensing, and there will be no need to pay a huge sum of money. Videvo saves a lot of your time and effort and allows you to invest more time in being more productive toward your content projects. There is no need to be an expert at video editing to use Videvo’s content, but if you are a more seasoned user and work with software like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro or Da Vinci Resolve, then you will surely also find the Editing Templates compatible with this software interesting.

There are many themes or categories of free stock videos available some of the main types include family, people, transport, culture, nature, sports, space, cities, etc. It shows how diverse content you can extract from this platform. It allows you to make your project as dynamic and vibrant as possible. All categories are easily explorable and organized, and the search bar and filter system makes your browsing experience and finding the perfect asset extremely easy!
Motion colorful neon lines abstract background

Close Up Orbiting of Google Apps on Phone

Animation text Halloween on mystical horror background

Animation text Breaking News and news intro graphic

Modern pattern with gradient purple geometric elements

Halloween background animation with bats and pumpkins


Videvo’s Background or Story:

In 2012 Videvo was launched. Its main objective or goal was to become the largest network of free stock video and motion graphics. Videvo came into existence because of the core need of making the content creation process easy and hassle-free, as users often go through a tough process with licensing questions or simply finding the right content.

Videvo helps making video projects of all kinds easy, be it in education, production, and personal and professional projects. Videvo simplified licensing issues by developing their Standard Licensing, which is provided along with a license called Creative commons 3.0. These licenses allow you to use videos (including wallpaper bakgrounds) or any clip that you download anywhere you like without worrying about copyright notices or strikes. There are no limitations in use. You can also use them in edited and already published work. Just be mindful of attributing the author of the used stock video if the licence indicates it.

After witnessing a great response to their free stock library, Videvo took a step forward and added their Premium subscription, which are ideal for people who need affordability without compromising quality. These users include businesses in need of low-level marketing like promotional videos or social media content, YouTube content creators, students, and videographers. Back to the topic of wallpaper background videos, these are very useful for website backrounds and socia media, where text and images have to be superimposed a dynamic background that compliments the message and engages the viewer.

Apart from stock assets, Videvo also offers an excellent blogs with articles about cinema, videography, tipis, and tricks, and other creative interests. All in all it is a great platform for creative endeavors.

Variety of Offerings:

Video Spec offerings:

The videos that are offered on the premium plan come at a minimum HD quality, and up to including 4K. This means that the quality is never compromised no matter if the asset is free or premium. When it comes to premium audio clips, they provide it in .wav format and the quality of production is also standard for audivisual projects.

Videvo Lite, Plus Pro:

Videvo Lite, plus, and pro are the premium plans that Videvo offers. Following are the features of each one of these plans.

Videvo Lite:

No annual payment option is available for this premium plan. You have to pay $7.99 monthly. Moreover, you can download 5 premium videos per month. Another benefit of the Videvo Lite premium plan is Royalty-Free Licensing.

Videvo Plus:

In Videvo Plus you have two options. Either you go for a monthly payment that is $14.99, or you go towards saving 20%. By paying $144 annually and unlimited in case of an annual plan. It allows you to download and use 25 premium videos per month. Royalty-free license is also one of its features.

Videvo Pro:

Videvo Pro also provides two options, one is to pay monthly $24.99 or you can pay $240 annually to save 20% of the amount. This premium plan allows you to download 50 premium videos per month and unlimited in case of an annual plan. It also allows you to download premium audio. This plan also has royalty-free licensing.

This proves that the main advantage of the Plus plan over Pro is that it allows you to add 100,000 audio assets to your plan. It also has increased from 25 downloads to 50 downloads. Moreover, the download is also unlimited if you choose the annual plan over monthly, in the case of the Plus and pro premium plan.

Videvo is always improving the value of their offer to visitors, so take a look at their Pricing Page for the latest pricing and offerings.

Royalty-Free Licensing:

All Premium clips are provided under the Royalty Free License. The videos that are under this license can be used as many times as possible and anywhere you like. You are also welcome to keep the files that you’ve downloaded. However, this does not mean that you are the owner of the clip, as the copyright stays with the creator of the clip or video.

The following are some Do’s and Don’ts of Royalty free license that the premium clips own:

Do’s and Don’ts of Royalty Free Licensing:

  • The free stock videos or wallpaper videos can get edited in any way you want. You can be creative for as many times and projects as you want.
  • It is not necessary that you have to credit the author of the clip if it comes with a Royalty-Free license.
  • You can use the free stock from Videvo to publish anywhere worldwide or on any kind of platform. This includes the web, broadcast, theatre, apps, and any kind of game.
  • You cannot do is you cannot redistribute the clip in its original form or clip on other stock websites.
  • If a clip is marked as Editorial Only, you cannot use it in commercial projects that in any way are promoting any products or services.
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