Post Thumbnail of How to Start Freelancing on the Side

The freelance industry has received a lot of attention in the past year. This is due mainly to the industry’s success during the Covid-19 pandemic. While most other sectors were negatively affected by the pandemic, the freelance industry flourished.

In 2020, freelancers constituted 36% of the American workforce. This …

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Post Thumbnail of How to Find and Hire The Perfect Freelance Logo Designer for  Your Business

It’s not always easy to find the ideal freelancer for your business. It’s especially hard when we’re talking about design, such as when you’re looking for a logo designer.

In this article, you’ll find out how to not just find and approach freelance logo designers but also hire and make …

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Post Thumbnail of Freelance Web Designers: Giving Your Productivity a Meaningful Boost is Easier than You Think

There is one sure thing you can say about most productivity hacks. It’s that what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for the next.

In fact, achieving meaningful results requires a big change in one’s lifestyle. However, this is also something that most of us are reluctant to accept.…

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Post Thumbnail of How to get work as a freelance digital designer

Getting started as a creative professional is never easy. Although the market for freelance and independent digital designers is booming at the moment, most newbies still find it hard to get their foot in the door.…

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Post Thumbnail of Pre-Built Websites: 5 Productivity Tips for Freelance Web Designers

If you’re a long-time freelance web designer, you may be experiencing a rather common problem. As freelance web designers gain experience, they naturally become more proficient. This generally leads to attracting more clients, and results in taking on more work.

Freelancers have obvious benefits. Like not having to work to …

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Post Thumbnail of 5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers and Freelancers

Millions of bloggers, freelancers and webmasters trust WordPress for managing the content on their websites and blogs.

WordPress not only offers a huge variety of options in its simple interface, but also makes it extremely easy for even the most amateur internet users to run their own websites by using …

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Post Thumbnail of Great Tips to Get Freelance Projects for Graphic Designers

Graphic Design is a very creative field which is opted by people who have natural talent as well as the qualifications required to be a graphic designer. This can be a very lucrative field for people with talent and the right kind of exposure in this field.  Graphic Design …

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Post Thumbnail of Helpful Tips for User Interface Design Freelancers

Nowadays many user interface designers prefer to freelance work instead of being on a payroll of a firm or a company. Freelance User Interface Designers can get a lot of work and can earn a decent living if they are dedicated and are really good at their job. User Interface

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Post Thumbnail of Web Designers Are Opting to Freelance

Web Designers nowadays are increasingly opting to not work for a web design firm on a payroll but rather work as professional freelance web designers. These freelance web designers get work directly from the clients. They are also paid by the clients for their work directly after the clients are …

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Post Thumbnail of 7 Freelance Marketing Tips For Anyone With Limited Time And Budget

Someone once said that marketing is theatre. While you may not need to entertain your customers, you do need to have a presence. That presence is what builds familiarity and trust in the mind of your prospects, and turns them into paying customers. Without it you’ll remain a virtual unknown, …

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