Post Thumbnail of Why You Should Study for an MBA?

The MBA is a graduate degree that provides a wide variety of both general and specific skills, but it’s not for everyone. The benefits of an MBA can be very different depending on the person; some might want to use their new skills in business, while others might want to …

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Post Thumbnail of Top 10 Famous Artists to Teach Kids

It’s never too early to teach your children about art. Starting in preschool can open up a world of imagination for children. Here are ten artists who make a great place to start and inspire a whole host of engaging activities. …

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Post Thumbnail of Onboarding Remote Employees Can Be A Cakewalk: Here’s How

Onboarding has never been a cakewalk. With remote working as a corporate arrangement, challenges only seem to get more tough.

There are plenty of factors that require immediate attention when it comes to getting new employees on board. Making them feel welcomed and helping them get ready for performing on …

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Post Thumbnail of Photoshop Tutorials: 28 New Tutorials to Create Photo Effects & Manipulation

Latest Adobe Photoshop tutorials and video tutorials for beginner to advanced users. These Photoshop tutorials will teach you how to create photo effect actions, photo manipulation and high-end skin retouching with simple and easy steps. We are already published 1000+ Photoshop tutorials for any level designers, photographer or digital artists. …

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Post Thumbnail of Photoshop Tutorials: Learn Photo Manipulation [Tips, Tricks]

When it comes to finding the perfect Photo Manipulation, Photo Editing and Retouching photos software for graphic designers, Adobe Photoshop is the only name that comes to mind. Adobe Photoshop is the ideal tool if you are making photos for Instagram, Facebook or any other social platform. There …

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Post Thumbnail of Photoshop Tutorials: 27 New Tutorials to Learn Photo Manipulation Techniques

How to learn Adobe Photoshop? This is the question every beginners asked. If you are really interested to learn Photoshop or wants to improve your Photo Manipulation and Photo Editing skills, get started with Photoshop tutorials that teach you the basic tools and techniques of Adobe Photoshop. Experts-taught Photoshop tutorials

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Post Thumbnail of 6 Essential Photography Tips Every Photographer Needs to Remember

Whether you are on vacation with your family or attending the grand reception of your friend, photos are an essential element of enjoyment.

Without clicking perfect pictures, the purpose of amusement cannot be fulfilled in this present era. Not only for fun, but photography is a real art and considered …

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Post Thumbnail of Fifteen Ways To Create A Flawless Photo

Photography is rare among the fine arts, since it has remained relevant even throughout our advancement into the digital age, due to our love of beautiful photos. But how should you approach creating a ‘perfect’ photo? Here are fifteen possible ways to release your inner master photographer.

Rule Of Thirds

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Post Thumbnail of 26 New Adobe Photoshop Tutorials to Learn Photoshop Essentials

New Photoshop tutorials to learn how to edit photos, creating photo effects, manipulation, fantasy and retouching. These essentials tutorials are helpful to learn beginning and advance techniques to enhancement and improve your digital photo editing skills.…

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Post Thumbnail of 50 Best Text Effect Tutorials

Best of 2015, Photoshop and Illustrator text effect tutorials are for those who really love to make outstanding typography, calligraphy type artwork. Big list of text effect tutorials which can really helpful to improve your typography skills.

Photoshop text effect tutorials, Learn to create 2D, 3D, Retro & Vintage text …

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