90+ Beautiful Flat Icons of Social Media

90+ Beautiful Flat Icons of Social Media
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Today freebie is Flat icons, A complete set of free social media Icons, that have most of social network (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Dribbble and much more) icons. The icon set created by Dan Leech and released icons set with the name of “Simple Icons“.

Icon pack come in 11 different sizes from 16*16px to 4096 to 4096px and in.PNG format.

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There are 90+ free social media icons in the set and they can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

Social Media Flat Icons (Preview)

The download pack  includes all icons in .PNG format in 11 different sizes.

License, Usage, and Sharing:

The icons are completely free for commercial and non-commercial usage. You are free to modify and redistribute on another website and/or sell them for a profit.

Download Free Flat Icons of Social Media (90+ itmes)

Demo & Download icons follow the link below:
Live Demo: https://simpleicons.org/
Large Preview: 90+ Free Flat Icons (.PNG)
Download: https://github.com/danleech/simple-icons

I'm Muhammad Faisal founder of GDJ and co-founder of FPD. I love all things having to do with WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS, or jQuery. And really enjoying to writing articles on web design and typography. You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Comments to 90+ Beautiful Flat Icons of Social Media

Akshay Chauhan May 10, 2013

Thanks great icon pack.

Alexander Amann May 19, 2013

Thank you for this great work! Missing the icon for an important social network.

alex May 21, 2013

Great collection, thanks

Pronet May 27, 2013

Fantastic..Really Useful Icons..Thanks a lot

Kendra Jun 10, 2013

Gorgeous set, thanks so much!

Chrisriis Jun 25, 2013

So much nicer than the other buttons with gradients, borders etc.!
Thanks 😀

leaving new york Aug 24, 2013

Great icons. But the Facebook icon changed and looks now ugly. Does someone has the old stlye without the white square?

David Aug 30, 2013

Sorry for that question, but: All icons are black & white. How do I get them colorful like on the preview pictures?

Muhammad Faisal Aug 30, 2013

Hi David,
All icons are available in PNG format, you just need to add background color.
Check the syntax below:

iconsHTML5 {
background-color: #f06529;
background-image: url(data:image/png;base64,”HTML5.png”);

I hope, It’s useful answer for you.

Merlin Sep 12, 2013

Fantastic?It’s beatiful~

Manning Oct 18, 2013

Hi. I downloaded your icon pack. Great work. I use WordPress so do I need to upload the icons folder to my wp-content directory and then put the CSS reference in my theme stylesheet?

Muhammad Faisal Oct 18, 2013

Hi Manning,
Put all icons in WP… Themes directory and add style-sheet lines into CSS file. I hope its works. Thanks

Silviu Dec 11, 2013

great work, thanks for the freebie! 🙂

Getgame Dec 23, 2013

Thanks You , I used in My website 🙂

Jesus Jun 12, 2014

Nice Collection.

Though, the facebook one in the picture is not the same as in the pack.

XDesigns Jun 5, 2015

Really nice social media icons sets. Continue your regular freebies sharing. Thanks a lot.

ChicBoi Jul 6, 2015

Thank you very much for the great icons.

michelle Nov 12, 2015

Hi – I just tried clicking the download link and got an error message ‘ not working’ . Has this free access now been removed?

Muhammad Faisal Nov 12, 2015

Hi Michelle,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Download has been updated and it’s working now. Thanks

alfa z Aug 29, 2020

Great collection, thanks

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