Long Shadow in Flat Design: 50 Beautiful Examples

Long Shadow in Flat Design: 50 Beautiful Examples
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Long shadow a new trend after the flat design. The trend is impacting UI elements and icons the strongest, and designers also start using into other parts of website design and mobile user interface.

Long shadow design has been mostly used in icons and logos. Shadows live within the element canvas and often extend outside an object to the surrounding frame. Many of the long shadow concepts we are seeing come from projects where designers are looking for creative ways to build icons for Apple iOS 7.

As already told you! long shadow design seems to be an evolution of the flat design trend. Designers looking to create more depth but work within the concept of flat design have created a sort of middle ground with long shadows.

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50 Beautiful Long Shadow Examples in Flat Design

After the Apple iOS 7, most of the mobile user interfaces is turned into Flat Design. And next big thing coming in design trend is “Long Shadow“. As you might be able to imagine, this trend includes objects with disproportionately long shadows, and for some reason it looks absolutely fantastic.

Here’s a big list of long shadow examples in flat design that we picked up from dribbble.com, behance.net and all over the internet.

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Illustrated Bowiewolf with Long Shadow

Cassette Tape

Typography “Hello” with Long Shadow

Matsebneesh Mobile UI

Long Shadow Design

Fox Icon

Flat iPhone 5 Adobe Fireworks Template


Social Media Icons

Marlboro icon

Twitter Long Shadow

Dribbble long shadow

Apple Long Shadow iOS icon

Mobile company iOS App icon with long shadows

Long Shadow App Icon

SPARK – Long Shadow Icon

Flat Icon Design – Long Shadows

Long shadow Mail Icon

Shoppinpal Icon with Long Shadow

Designmodo logo with long shadow

GDJ logo with long shadow

Date App Icon

YouPix Long Shadow icon

Flat Long Shadow

Flat magnify icon

GIG App Icon

Google Play – Long Shadow

iOS 7 App Icon

Sync is the New Save

Crockhaus Icon

Long Shadow Design – Superman Icon


MacBook Pro Longshadow

iOS7 longshadow icon

Flat Design Long Shadow

Inner Outer Shadow


Cloud Icon with Long Shadow

Dribbble Mobile App

Minion iOS7 Icon

Flat Icon “Frontend”

We’re Hiring

Palette Longshadow Icon


Flat Profile for Social Fashion Network – iOS app

Long Shadow in typography

Long Shadow Design

Long Shadow – Google APN improved

Long shadow love: iOS 7 icons

Long Shadow is the New Flat

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