Latest Web Designing Trends of 2013

Latest Web Designing Trends of 2013
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Web designing has always kept on changing.  With the advancement of technologies, website has witnessed a complete transformation. Where online marketing is hugely increasing and thousands of new companies are on the go to compete in this global market, it’s has become quite challenging to grow more visibility to attract potential customers. However website is the most vital tool that helps any business or organisation to keep pace with prevailing standards. That’s why it’s necessary to have a well-organised website for any business. And with changing times, website too need changes in order to meet the latest trends and needs of the varied customers.

Thus, websites have always been updated and helped businesses to sustain in such a huge market. Now let’s see what kind of latest web designing trends prevailing in the market these days.

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Branding Matters

It’s de facto that every business wants to make its brand more noticeable and unique to attracting more customers. And these days, websites going to pay more attention to brand designing rather than simple formation of detailed information and graphics.  Designers are more inclined to creating brand conscious strategies and of course tend to make attractive logo for the company. Thus, every businessperson wants to get a website that represents the brand and image uniquely.

 More Responsive web design

Where technology is hugely growing, new handheld devices, mobile and desktop devices are being introduced at a good clip.  Since all of these devices differ in specifications and screen sizes, responsive web designing is something which is to be adopted to meet the latest trend.  Its responsive designing manages screen size issues that are largely based on its adaptability. With the help of responsive web designing, web designers needn’t have to make various layouts for mobile and desktop designs. This trend, therefore will offer convenience to website owners, designers and users.

Vertical scrolling

Website optimization has become very essential these days. There are many websites that offer both vertical and horizontal scrolling possible even for mobile devices. It’s because of vertical scrolling that offers much convenience and handiness to mobile users. This also provides efficiency and easy navigation. Then there is another probable trend in vertical scrolling of menus. Altogether, all these scrolling systems give user very convenient and effective experience.

Parallax scrolling

It’s a great system which will allow the web designer to manage an array of design objects thoroughly. This is certainly going to be much more effective tool for the latest web designing arena.

Big buttons

So far have touch and taps have been very popular, probably big buttons can be the latest logical trend. These buttons will make tapping very easy. But the only concern is that it requires more graphic elements that may slow down or hinder website. However, this is a great breakthrough for the latest trend.

Designed typography

Typography is one of the most leading trends in web designing. It’s because of typography that adds value to any website. There is a wide range of fonts any web designer can choose from.  However selecting best typography is a vital decision as it’s going give a major effect to the overall layout of any site. With typography becoming an essential part of web designing, designer will make the most of it to create website with more impact and uniqueness.

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Comments to Latest Web Designing Trends of 2013

mark Jul 15, 2013

Big button is one of the most useful concept,because visitor dont like to search for the button where to tap. So, by using this concept we can give clear visible button for user and also this is useful to increase click through rate for a particular button.I guess this trend is useful for now and future.

jon Jul 18, 2013

I think you have parallax scrolling confused with flexbox (judging by the description) or responsive design (judging by the photo).

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