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6 Essentials in Creating Successful Facebook Ads

It’s been a while since the traditional advertising industry yielded to the more multi-functional advertising medium – social media marketing. As the unequivocal leader of this new marketing realm, Facebook keeps enticing internet entrepreneurs to promote their businesses through this universal hub of virtual interaction. To date, Facebook marketing has been the most effective advertising practice that is relatively easy to follow. This competitive social media platform is the ultimate digital marketplace to boost both online and land-based businesses, requiring filthily low costs.

However, as straightforward as Facebook advertising might seem, this sophisticated process does entail a vast number of techniques and instruments you need to employ to tackle it in the proper way. In order to craft a killer Facebook ad, you need to be armed with the vital tools of generating a top-notch ad within this ever-trending social network. In this article, the EssayShark essay service have prepared a complete list of essentials that will bring your Facebook ad mind-blowing success!

1. Set Your Goal

Set Your Goal

Before you dive into developing your Facebook ad campaign, be certain to determine your aim for this campaign. There are different purposes that social media ads can be designed for, namely increasing the number of followers, amplifying sales, or engaging the target audience more effectively and productively. It’s the ultimate result you’re striving to get with your ads that should determine their content in the first place. The marketing strategies of many SMM managers, even experienced ones, often get caught in the typical fallacy of not knowing what to expect from an online advertisement. Most commonly, this leads to the ad’s eventual failure, as without a clear purpose and the elements that back it up, the advertisement won’t engage the user and will simply go to waste.

2. Define Your Target Audience 

Target Audience

Deducing who forms your target market is another important element of a successful Facebook ad. This will guide you through identifying your particular niche and getting to know it better. In defining your target market, you primarily need to consider the purpose of your product. This is the first and easiest step of identifying what audience is the most likely to use it. For detecting who can be interested in what you offer, check out the analytics of websites or Facebook pages selling the same goods or services as you. This will help you find out who will be the target of your ads, and also discover the characteristics of your existing audience. There are a number of salient  characteristics of the target audience you should know to tailor your ad to their needs and preferences.


As one of the critical factors to consider when generating a Facebook ad, age should largely define the content and format of your advertisement. Based on the age of the audience, you will have a clear understanding of how you should develop your ad campaign.


Social media analytics can also help you get around the geographical aspect of your audience. Detecting the prevalent location of your potential customers will help you narrow down the focus of your advertisement.


Aside from the factors we covered earlier, this one plays the key role in making your ad suit the demand of potential users. Utilize the same analytics to discover what preferences and hobbies your users have and use this vital information to build your ad content around.

3. Employ Attention-Grabbing Pictures

Attention-Grabbing Pictures

As is scientifically proven, people are a hundred times more likely to get hooked by visual content than text, driven by the power of their “picky” visual cortex. For better or worse, it’s not a well-developed, informative piece of writing that will prompt a user to check out your ad, but instead a compelling picture that displays a captivating theme.

Don’t overdo this

However, it’s important not to go too far with working on your imagery hook, ending up with eye-catching but irrelevant pictures – the pics you put in your post have to mirror the topic and relate fully to what you are writing about and what you’re selling. Another crucial aspect to note is that the image shouldn’t exceed 20% of the post content. Otherwise, the Facebook system will show it less frequently.

4. Make Use of Videos

Facebook Video Ads

As an exceptional medium for conveying information, a video will snag the attention of Facebook users more quickly and effectively. Videos provide more space for storytelling than an image and thus can express the message in a more comprehensive and concise way.

In order to make a great video presentation of your products or services, you don’t necessarily need to shoot a full-fledged motion picture. You can simply feature a collection of pictures with a solid description of your product in a neat and appealing slideshow.

5. Show Proper Regard for the Copy

Facebook ad with CTA

The imagery of your post is the first and most defining hook of your ad. But another important element of the ad is its copy. The written content provides users with the ins and outs of the product, explaining what value it has for them. Therefore, this part has to be succinct yet informative, all-encompassing yet exact. There are three major elements that every successful copy needs to include:

Attention grabber

This is the hook that sparks the interest in users and drives them to read further. Thus, it’s the most important aspect of your copy, which should include the core information about your product as well as how it can benefit the reader. An attention grabber should immediately go in the first sentence of your post as users most often tend to skip a post once they find nothing attractive in its first lines.

Sentences that add value

Confining the value of your post to an attention grabber is not enough to make viewers delve deeper into your ad. To make your copy comprehensible and compelling, you have to back up the first sentence with persuasive information that will present your product in the most favorable and appealing light. That being said, it’s necessary to support what you stressed in the first line of your post with other noteworthy statements to compel the reader to become your customer.

Call to action

Call-to-action phrases should urge the reader to buy your product. For this reason, they have to be encouraging and accurate. In its essence, a call to action is the aim of your posted ad. And since you’re aiming it on selling, the final phrase or sentence of your advertisement should prompt the viewer to purchase your goods.

6. Don’t Be Too Persistent

Don’t Be Too Persistent

Strange and contradictory as it might sound, you shouldn’t make your ad look like an ad. In your post, making it too obvious and clear that all you care about is vending your goods (which is indeed all you care about, let’s face it) may create an unfavorable image of your ad as well as your business, discouraging people from trusting you.

This is what the psychologists who recently conducted their studies on human behavior state: “People often reject what they perceive as an attempt to persuade them.” In this regard, your ultimate purpose has to be demonstrating the worth of your products or services rather than blatantly persuading the audience to swell the ranks of your clientele.

In Conclusion

Making headway in Facebook marketing is a manageable yet subtle undertaking that requires a business owner to be customer-friendly and sincere. The contemporary user is too intelligent to be easily attracted by cheesy marketing tools echoing commercial trends from the end of the last century. To put it simply, the main attributes modern customers expect a business to possess are honesty, transparency, and value.

The time-proven tips and recommendations we have covered in this article are designed to help your Facebook ads meet the urgent demands of today’s jaded customers. Now that you are fully equipped with fundamental tricks for hitting it big with your ad campaign, the Facebook platform will become a winning football pitch for your marketing goals!

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