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Responsive Web Design – 35 Fresh Examples

The concept of responsive development lies on the principle of change of layout of a website according to the resolution of the screen that a user is using. Thus there is a visible change in the video or image size and the amount of text that can be viewed. Thus, the layout of the website is done to prioritize the elements in a page. Even if you browse a particular page of a website from your Smartphone, you will be able to easily check out all the important elements of the site on your screen.

Responsive website development is easier then ever. Responsive Web Design is making the web design more powerful in different areas. Fast, Secure, Responsive, Interactive and beautiful. Responsive Web Design have many features that allow developers and designers to create apps and websites with the functionality, speed, performance, and experience of desktop applications.

Due to the popularity of Responsive Web Design, we compiled fresh and inspiring examples of Responsive Web Design. This is a collection of beautiful web design that featured only Responsive Design for your inspiration.  As we know 2013 is the Year of Responsive Web Design, and in this roundup you can enjoy some responsive web design that help to create a great-looking content, making your design looks classy, strong, attractive, mysterious and very striking.

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Fresh Examples Of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the answer to the easy accessibility which is both efficient and profitable. In cases where a site cannot be viewed on laptop and desktop systems or on tablets and Smartphone, all of which happen to come in  wide range of screen sizes and resolutions, that it almost comes to the same as to it not being viewed at all. When it comes to dealing about this issue of accessibility, which is against the whole idea of having the presence of the internet and giving rise to various issues, it becomes imperative that we come up with effective solutions.

Useful HTML5 and Responsive Web Design Resources:

Today we’re gathered a list of 35 fresh and inspiring examples of Responsive Web Design. Let’s take a quick look at some amazing new trend web designs to keep in mind when designing your next web project.

1. Online Department

At Online Department we design unforgettable experiences for all your digital products & services. Our mission is to humanize the computer screen and make it better for your users and c…

Responsive Web Design 1

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2. Bake Brave – World Baking Day

This World Baking Day we’ve got 100 recipes submitted from exciting bakers all over the world – each recipe more tricky than the last. Choose your baking level and on 19th May,

Responsive Web Design 2

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3. Super Sync Sports

Chrome Super Sync Sport is a new Chrome Experiment that enables you to sync your mobile devices to your computer to run, cycle and swim. The game allows you to select one of 50 avatars..

Responsive Web Design 3

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4. I Shot Him

I Shot Him is a creative studio that is hell-bent on making this world just a little bit better.

Responsive Web Design 4

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5. Barrel

Digital agency in New York City

Responsive Web Design 5

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6. House

With premiere of House’s spring collection, we’ve prepared a brand new web service. The main task was to combine PR & pro-selling functions with optimization for social media.

Responsive Web Design 6

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7. Wootten

Cordwainer & Leather Craftsmen

Responsive Web Design 7

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8. MOVE Dance Convention

Move is the ultimate dance convention for all ages that will be held in Toronto starting in 2013. Register now before its too late.

Responsive Web Design 8

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9. Dadaab Stories

Discover the unexpected stories of life in the world’s largest refugee camp, as told by the refugees themselves through stunning video, photography music, poetry, and journalism.

Responsive Web Design 9

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10. Kiliwatch

Kiliwatch Denims Collection – Spring/Summer 2013.

Responsive Web Design 10

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11. Kakau Design

A new website one page style with a horizontal scroll for Kakau Design, a chocolate molds manufacturer.

Responsive Web Design 11

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12. Epok Design

Dedicated to visual identity, print and web, Epok Design’s team believes creativity is not the opposite of accuracy.

Responsive Web Design 12

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13. Secret Key Web Agency

Responsive web site of Secret Key Web Agency in Rome specialized in web design, seo, sem and social media marketing.

Responsive Web Design 13

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14. Sebañado

Online portfolio of Sébastien Nadaud – Photographer

Responsive Web Design 14

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15. Midnight House

This is the Micro Site of Midnight House Multimedia Collective. Developed by Midnight House Team.

Responsive Web Design 15

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16. LEEROY Creative Agency

New JavaScript/HTML5 website for creative agency + tribal team shoot + coat of arms inspired logo.

Responsive Web Design 16

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17. Under The Weather

Under The Weather is a single page interactive website that shows the impacts of climat change on human health.

Responsive Web Design 17

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18. Knock Knock Factory

We are a small creative agency based out of Florida. Our heartbeat is to bond with our clients ideas, produce award winning creative.

Responsive Web Design 18

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19. Meng To

UI/UX designer, Dribbbler and Coder.

Responsive Web Design 19

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20. Spektrum

Website of Spektrum, web development & design firm based in Quebec city.

Responsive Web Design 20

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21. Borgo 27

Borgo 27 – Benvenuti fuori dal tempo

Responsive Web Design 21

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22. DesignLobby.Asia

We are a creatives cluster representing more than 60 agencies from different disciplines such as Branding & Communication, Product Design, Architecture & Interior Design, Motion & Sound…

Responsive Web Design 22

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23. Apartments: We Live Here

An interactive infographic about the economic impact of the apartment industry.

Responsive Web Design 23

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24. C-Roots

C-Roots is an Amsterdam based agency for identity, strategy and creativity.

Responsive Web Design 24

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25. The Interactive Ear

Amplifon have put together this fantastic interactive guide to the mechanics of the human ear.

Responsive Web Design 25

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26. Nineswiss

Portfolio of Art Director & Designer Adam Boal

Responsive Web Design 26

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27. Teehan+Lax

We define and design customer experiences in the digital channel.

Responsive Web Design 27

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28. Kunstler – Independent. Visual. Tuned.

My name is Massimo Künstler, I am an independent multimedia designer, providing quality solutions for brand strategy, creative identity, interactive design. My work is enhanced and supported…

Responsive Web Design 28

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29. Wunderman France

“Start-up and never stop.” Wunderman Paris’ new digital platform, a fully responsive “grid design” site. Website and video created, designed, produced and developed by Wunderman Paris.

Responsive Web Design 29

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30. Boomset

Boomset Website by CoolApps(e). HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery. Fully responsive & optimized for all devices.

Responsive Web Design 30

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31. Idiom

A clean, responsive website, developed with Foundation Framework, WordPress and the latest CSS3/HTML5 Standards.

Responsive Web Design 31

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32. WeLoveNoise

Creative portfolio of Luke Finch Interactive Art Director based in Manchester

Responsive Web Design 32

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33. Edita’s Casting

A casting agency with a great photo and video database of actors, dancers, interesting and beautiful people, seniors and children.

Responsive Web Design 33

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34. TRÜF Creative

TRÜF is a Creative Studio Obsessed with Designing Better Brands. We create effective and elegant brand design solutions for companies of all sizes, from startups to start-overs.

Responsive Web Design 34

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35. Black In History

Curating the names of influential Black Americans, past & present, and giving them the recognition they deserve. Because Black History is American History.

Responsive Web Design 35

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