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Why WordPress Is The Wise Choice For Web Development In 2016?

There are plenty of reasons to “Why WordPress?” WordPress websites proffer a lot more than the few five or ten advantages you generally hear about. A blogging software-based website was labelled as the new progression of how websites are built. Now, WordPress is the content management system all websites and blogs are compared to.

Sometimes a particular Web building platform crops up as a good fit for a specific project; possibly Weebly for a simple but eye-catching brochure site, or Joomla for a portal site. On the other hand, there’s one Content Management System (CMS) that we all make use of more than any other, and that system is WordPress. By hiring WordPress Developers we can create a business website for sorts of clients and purposes.

Let’s flip through the reasons why WordPress websites are far better than the traditional websites in today’s modern business world.

Free To Use – The platform is free of cost to use as it’s an open source project with millenary contributors. This also signifies that the platform is perpetually developing and some of the best programming geeks are working on it to upgrade the features, operation and security.

Growth Promising– There isn’t any need to separately update navigation when you add pages; as links to new pages will be getting automatically added depending upon the “category” or categories you assign your posts and pages to. This all will take place in the admin area instead of manually editing JavaScript menus and multifaceted PHP files.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive – As we all know that mobile users have exceeded the desktop users now. More than 40% of web visits are done via mobile devices so it’s necessary that your website should be compatible with various devices. The majority if not all the themes that are being set out now are what is termed “Mobile & Tablet Responsive” this just means that if you surf the WordPress website on a mobile handheld it will resize and refit the content to make it looks great on whichever device visitor is using.

More Accessibility – Whether you make changes or add content from any computer or handheld using the Internet and a browser—without the requirement of extra software or fixing firewall settings, the task can be carried out.

SEO -Friendly – WordPress is integrally quite SEO-friendly, with features such as the capability to automatically generate search-friendly URLS, but with the toting of some plugins, such as the All-in-One SEO pack and Google XML Site Map, your hired WordPress Developer can help in maintaining SEO appropriately, providing your site the top chance of good search results.

Support Is Unmatchable – As you would anticipate from such a popular platform, the support community is dynamic and huge. Besides, hiring WordPress developers from the third-party forums would not be difficult as they would be available in abundance. Also, if you want answers to any question, you can be assured that somebody might have already responded to it somewhere.

Superior Security – One of the debate “against” WordPress or another blog software is the use of plugins. The plugins are small add-on programs to enrich the capability of the blog software. The vulnerable threat is that hackers can break into your website via these plugins. But, on the contradictory is the true fact that if you have hired the right WP developer to setup your WordPress installation, your blog site can be hacker-proofed similar to a traditional website. Because there is a definite process to what is called “reinforcing” a WordPress installation. But, you do not hire WP developers, the even the hacker-proofing traditional websites with FTP and cPanel accounts can be hacked into if easy to guess usernames and passwords are used.

Amplified Functionality with Lesser Cost – Galore of pre-written programs called plugins can improve the functionality of your exclusive blog software. Old-style websites require the whole thing to be programmed. Even if you find an available ASP or PHP script to work with a traditional website, there is generally important integration work and tailoring required, whereas WordPress plugins are basically a 3-click install procedure.

Social Networking Friendly – You have the facility to automatically integrate your blog posts with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more instead of having to go to each page, log in, and share a post that you have just added something fresh to your website.

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