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Top 15 Web Design Trends

Trends these days changes so frequently, specially Web Design Trends, more over every one admires uniqueness, and avoid what they have already witnessed before, therefore one have to be very careful while designing a web in order to help him and his web to stand out in 2018. Following are some of the pertaining techniques or tools, in order to accomplish the respective task.

1. Untaught Forms

Web forms

Everywhere forms are used. let it be bookings, registration, feedback subscriptions, signup and sign-in forms or etc. in order to interact a visitor; forms possess the importance of one of the most integral element in such regards therefore should be given a proper attention at the time of its design. Forms which are not user friendly they are ignored and avoided.

2. Illustration of Unique Brand

Illustration of Unique Brand

In order to make a web look more attractive and unique, an involvement of brand illustration is an essential factor these days. Not only the illustration will suffice but also its bespoke nature is quite vital. Such element can boast up a brand recognition along with it, it also enables the element / content to acquire popularity; available in the website.

3. Bold Formatting

Big bold formatting and typography in Web Design

These bold formatting or typography in deed helps the visitors to avail the purpose by virtue of which they have entered to the webpage. Homepages anchored with such techniques immensely entice the audience, as it’s something included in the trends these days.

4. Cinema Graphs

Cinemagraphs mobile web page

In the world of dynamic webs inclusion of Cinema graphs is always a plus. Cinema graphs are those high quality videos or Gifs which runs smoothly and on a continuous loop. These videos are now considered as a trend these days. Involvement of the same will indeed assist our web in order to stand out in future.

5. Bright Gradients

Gradients in web design

In the world of darkness every one now gets attracted towards bright colors. Your web page with bright gradient is one of the vital tool to allure visitors towards you. More over it’s these days considered as one of the top trends in the world of web sites.

6. Inventive use of Symmetrical Shapes

symmetrical shapes and geometric shapes in web design

Creative use of geometric shapes in a website’s design is now highly in trend. People have vested in boredom by means of the conventional use of the geometric shapes. The use of symmetrical shapes in terms of animation in indeed a trend to look for in order to assist your webpage in future.

7. Creative Use of Symmetrical Lines

Geometrical or symmetrical lines in Web Design

Likewise the use of geometrical or symmetrical shapes an innovation by means of geometric lines will indeed be ascertained as fruit full. The use of such line by means of an animations will entice the audience and will definitely assist the web to stand out in future amongst the other webs.

8. Innovative Sheet Headers

Hero header in Web Design

Innovation and creativity should lie from the top front of the page. Creative headers with the startup of the webpage is what one should focus on, considering the current trends. And with the advancements of SVG animation and unique tools of CSS such is now not a big deal at all.

9. Increase The Use Of Lively Elements

Animated elements in web design

Lively elements or an animated element is what people seeks for these days, static or non-moving  content for the use of web never attracts the visitors and such pages  are now barely ever visited, in order to make your web page stand out as per the current trends, the use of lively elements that is animated element is highly essential.

10. Splash Pages

Splash Pages

Before reaching to the content of the website a user sees an animation or graphic page, such a page is known as the Splash page. Splash page is one of the recent website design trends to help your web design more attractive and eye catching.

11. Mobile First Design

Mobile First Design

We always focus to build a desktop site first rather than to build a mobile first web design. so that our client can match it with their design draft. But these days the use of mobile phones and tablets devices cannot be ignored as well. In order to create a web both compatible for mobile as well as desktop, our full width websites by applying certain rules of percentages can easily be rendered over to any of the tablet and mobile device.

12. Videos

Video background in Web design

Inclusion of Videos nowadays has been involved in the trends which indeed help us out in order to create a website which should follow the modern web design trends. More over in compliance of it many website developers have started using this technique as well. Which we can witness ourselves as well.

13. More and Brighter Color

Bright colors in web design

The brighter your web is the more viewership it will attain. These days peoples like creativity in terms of bright things, no one these days prefer black and white sort of appearances, therefore including more as well as bright colors in our web will indeed assist our web become more attractive as it has been included in one of the recent trends of website development and design.

Moreover, as movements like simplicity and brutalism came to the fore in 2016, designers sought ways to infuse more personality into their design work that still worked within those stripped-down aesthetics.

And in at least a few cases, bright, bold color became the natural answer.

14. Modular Design

Modular Design

Modular design is once again gaining and attaining reputation over few of the past years, it’s in itself a unique design consisting of block, grid and patterns to design the essential foundations of the intended website.

15. Uniqueness

The last but not the least “uniqueness”, audience and viewers always admire as well as desire uniqueness in any of the fields you are working on. Whatever you feels is unique opt it and utilize its features in the web development and design, indeed uniqueness is one of the greatest key, to help your website avail recognition of visitors. Moreover your uniqueness should be your own creativity as everyone is creative and unique in its own way.

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