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Get More Subscribers To Grow Your Email List Using Instagram

If you know how to use Instagram properly then you can get more subscribers to grow your email list. This is simply because getting more followers on Instagram seems to be the name of the game on this platform. If you can direct these followers towards your business site to know more about you, your product and brand, there is an obvious chance to increase your business sales, prospects and revenue.

In fact, most of the marketers of today think that this platform is actually the most perfect one to grow all other parts of your business as well. The primary objective is to use Instagram take your relationship with your followers off it and into their mail boxes.

Why? This is because email is still one of the most useful and valuable ways to build a long lasting and strong relationship with your customers, even if this modern time is considered to have a social media-heavy landscape. There are a couple of good reasons to believe in this way.

Like and Love Social Share

  • One, you can send direct mails to your potential customers through emails enabling you to establish a direct contact with them more easily and effectively and
  • Two, sending your customers an email will guarantee you that your message will land directly into their inbox and nowhere else to get lost.

Alternatively, if you rely on your social posts only, you will have to keep your fingers crossed hoping that the users see your post or it attracts their eyes while they scroll aimlessly through social media.In addition to that, the fact that the social platforms can close their shop up at any moment (think of Vine!) can leave you nowhere. This gives you an incredibly strong argument and reason to support and go for email marketing.

About Instagram

About Instagram

Does that mean Instagram marketing is all bad? Well, to know it better you will need to loop back around to it. Assuming that you have tons of Instagram followers and do not need to buy real Instagram likes just like other account holders, can you say it for certain that there is no chance that no one will miss any of your daily posts. If you consider the new algorithm you will know that there is a high chance of it.

However, if you make the best use of both of it and have the email addresses of your Instagram followers, you can easily send all relevant and important information such as new products, offers, promotions, launches, and latest posts at the right time to the right person and right at their inboxes.

But you may ask why only Instagram that is considered to be the best platform to integrate with your email marketing efforts for generating more subscribers? Well, there are a couple of good reasons for building a following on Instagram and using it for your business today. In fact, this is the top priority for most of the businesses today because:

  • Instagram is the most popular and highly engaged social platform and even beats the socially geared Facebook
  • According to research it is found that around 2 to 7% of followers interact with a post on Instagram
  • As for Twitter it is less than 0.2% when it comes to followers engaging with a post
  • Users also spend longer time on Instagram as compared to any other social media platforms
  • It will give you a better to connect with your users and build a relationship with them.

With all these benefits, you will surely have an edge over your competitors if you use Instagram rather than any other for your email marketing campaign and superpower your email list.

Ways to use it

Now that you know Instagram is far better than others to integrate with your email marketing campaign, focus on how you can put it to best use.

Instagram followers

First, you must bring out the competitive nature of the Instagram followers because everybody loves a competition. If people see that they have a chance to win something that is incredible and free there is a high chance that they will put their name in that even in your email list. Research says that Instagram is the best platform to host a competition as it will give 64x more comments and 3.5x more likes. You can use this leverage to promote your email list. Even if they do not sign with you, their increased level of engagement in the competition posts will make them more visible to the new users whom you can guide towards your email list.

Secondly, try to get more of your followers involved by using more and more user-generated contents. Use of UGCs is in rage at the moment where you can share photos, videos, and reviews of the users. This is a surefire way to increase engagement. This is ideally the same old word of mouth advertising but in a digital form. Research shows that post that contains or features UGC have a higher conversion rate of 4.5% than any non-UGC posts. You will surely bring more subscribers on your email list as well as get tons more content without requiring spending money and time to create.

Another useful way to grow your email list is to incorporate strong calls-to-action. A compelling CTA will make the obvious fact to you more obvious to your users making them sign up to your email list. This is an incredibly simple tactic but it is also very effective. It is seen through research that when you use words like “sign-up,” “download” and “register,” it significantly boosts conversion rates.

Social media audience

Lastly, use the power of the Stories feature of Instagram as this is no more a platform for pretty pictures. There are more than 300 million active users of these Stories every day and therefore this is the best possible way to connect with your audience.

Therefore, it is really not a secret any more that Instagram is hot and the best platform to build a brand or to create an email list. You will grow more leads and leverage engagement.

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