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Free Design Software for Students & Educators

No matter whether you learn design or teach it, you need a reliable set of tools that will help you create original concepts, come up with a brilliant idea, and bring them to life. Of course, it would be nice if these tools were available for free. And we have good news for you: many design programs are coming at no cost at all. Below, we have described some of the most popular options that students and their educators employ either during classes or at home regularly.


Vectr Software

With this software, students and their teachers can create vector pictures with no hassle and at no cost at all. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, this program fits the needs of beginning students. The latter can use it on the Web or through download.

On the official website, there are roughly thirty tutorials that explain to users how to manage the service properly. This program is a great choice for those who are not willing to invest their time in learning more complicated soft. A real-time sharing feature allows users to send their docs without the need to save them on their devices first. This software is accessible to all students no matter how much experience they have or how large or small their financial resources are.


Gimp Software

Another program that is worth mentioning is Gimp. This software is designed with students’ needs in mind: it comes with a user-friendly interface, is equipped with necessary features, and is available for free.

All students, no matter what operating systems their devices run, can benefit from this soft by creating paintings, manipulating images, and putting mock-ups together. Those who have once used Adobe Photoshop have no trouble managing this service as these two have similar interfaces. The developer never closes its eyes to the users’ requests and thus strives to modify the software features regularly.

Google Nik

Google Nik Software

Containing seven plug-ins for Aperture, Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop, this service has been priced at fife hundred bucks yet three years ago. However, since 2016, students and their teachers have been given a great opportunity to use it for free. How do you like that?

Even though the developer doesn’t plan to include any new features to the collection, the latter still deserves attention. The available plug-ins such as HDR Efex Pro, Viveza, and others are designed to give images a classic feel, adjust colors and tones, add filters for color correction, etc. With no doubt, every aspiring designer should have this collection in his or her tool kit.


Snapseed Software

Both iOS and Android users can employ this software for free today. However, earlier they would have to pay five dollars for using it.

This flexible software impresses both students and their educators with its excellent performance, and everybody can benefit from it on the go with ease. The program comes equipped with twenty-nine powerful tools and filters and enables users to work with both DNG and JPEG files. On every stage of work, users can come back to a particular layer and adjust it to their liking in no time.

What students like most about this program are that it allows combining two images. For an on the go product, this soft is too good to be ignored and professional writers from Pro-Papers highly recommend all students to check it out.


Canvas Software

This software is a must-have for those dealing with information graphics. More than ten million people are using this service throughout the world. With its help, they have no trouble creating email headers, infographics for their blog posts, presentations, etc.

Students can either use its in-built vectors and photos or create their ones. Tons of free icons, fonts, and filters make using this software a pleasure. The program contains whatever it takes academia to develop original ideas and get them across with ease.

Google Charts

Google Charts Software

During classes, students like using this software when they have to do charts fast and with a wet finger. Those who are looking for the program that will let them present their data in a chart form without any add-ons will find this service to be their life-saver.

Equipped with a set of data connection tools, this program allows connecting data as well as customizing separate charts. No one needs any expertise to get on with this soft, meaning that even first-year students can employ it with ease.


Wix Software

This platform is last but not least. Students and teachers who are involved in web design should always keep this product close at hand. Even though the developer offers a free version of this service, everybody can download a paid one that comes with some advanced features.

The platform offers a drag-drop editing service, allows saving up to 500mb of data, secures the saved info, and comes with a site analytics feature. An abundance of free templates makes it much easier for designers to produce their creations, and a Wix chat feature enables them to communicate whoever comes to their sites conveniently.

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